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Biography of dB-Infusion

Danny Berdichevsky's Infusion is a dynamic, high energy instrumental band which blends jazz rock fusion with elements from Latin, Flamenco, Classical, Middle Eastern and African music to produce a rich, melodic and highly original sound.

Over the years Danny has formed "various bands from "Requiem", one of Israelís first hard rock bands and "Augmented", jazz rock fusion, to his London based Gypsy Jazz duo, "Swing Duo" and "Wizards of Wonderland" (WOW) where he incorporated elements of World music into rock. He has worked with very diverse musicians covering a wide range of styles.

The concept of Infusion was born over the years as Danny worked with more and more different musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and delved deeper into the many musical forms. It became ever clearer to him that he would like to record and perform music that reflects the different styles he plays and where he could involve musicians he has worked with to make music which is honest and original where musicians can express themselves sharing true ability and individuality especially in the present musical climate where set song formulae, sampling and synthetic sounds prevail. Infusion is innovative, honest and in constant evolution.

Danny Berdichevsky (Guitars)

Danny has been playing for over 25 years studying many different styles from jazz, rock, gypsy jazz, flamenco to classical giving him enormous versatility and diversity in his playing. He formed one of Israel's first hard rock bands Requiem and later jazz rock fusion band Augmented. Since moving to the UK he has recorded with different musicians and has played many of the top rock and jazz venues such as Jazz CafÈ, The Marquee, Mean Fiddler, Rock Garden and the Garage with different artists as well as his former rock band Wizards of Wonderland. He formed gypsy jazz 'Swing Duo' with violinist Ben Coleman releasing the album 'Collage'. He toured with David Jean Baptiste and recorded on his album 'Neuriba'. He has also played with violinist Roberto Manes in the Soho Jazz Festival and in Rome with Vito Caporale and his San Remo award winning swing quartet I Baraonna.

Gonzalo Carrera (Keyboards)

Gonzalo originates from Spain where he played with top progressive band Galadriel receiving acclaim from Anthony Phillips (ex Genesis). Since moving to the UK in the 90's he has worked with many top names in progressive rock including John Helliwell (Supertramp), David O List (The Nice, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music), Hugh McDowell (ELO), Damien Wilson (Rick Wakeman), Glenn Cornick and Clive Bunker (ex Jethro Tull) as well as names like Angie Brown (Rolling Stones, Kate Bush, Beverley Knight) and Kym Mazelle. He has also recently joined folk prog group 'Karnataka' and has recently been working with 'The Ike Leo Trio', comprising Ike Leo on bass (Dick Henstall-Smith, Jazz Warriors) and also featuring drummer Dave Smith (Pete King). He has also been working with keyboard programmer Andy Thomas (Stevie Winwood, Geoff Downes, Stevie Wonder and many others) and sax player Mike Parlett (Roy Ayres, Simply Red, The Rhythm of Blues). More recently Gonzalo toured around the UK cult seventies band Wild Turkey featuring former Jethro Tull menbers Glenn Cornick and Clive Bunker, Gary pickford Hopkins on vocals (formerly with Rick Wakeman) John PugWash Weather on Percussion from Gentle Giant, etc. Gonzalo recently recorded an EP to raise funds for the classic rock society featuring Heidi Jo Hines on Vocals, Denny laine on guitars (Paul Mccartney & The Wings, Moody Blues) and Hugh Mcdowell on cello songs written by Dave Winstanley. Gonzalo has also recently performed at Roy Orbison's birthday party at the Gibson guitar centre in london with the David Stark Band along Billy Burnette (Fleetwood mac), Katie Wassell (The X factor), Kaycee Cole, etc and he also performed recently at charity festival with the Heidi Jo Hines band at the We Will Rock ascot festival featuring critically aclaimed artist Jessie J. Gonzalo also recently released album The Gathering Light with critically aclaimed celtic rock band Karnataka getting great reviews from Rick Wakeman at planet rock radio, journalist Malcolm Dome, etc. Gonzalo has also recently performed with guitarist Huw Lloyd Langton from Hawkwind along with drummer John Lingwood ( Manfredds man, Status Quo).

Lakis Economou (Bass)

Lakis is a versatile player. He can switch from ethnic to Rock to Jazz or Latin or Funk on electric or the double bass. Born in Athens Greece. His cousin introduced him to the music of Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Blood Sweat & Tears, ‘smiling faces still echoing in my mind’ he recalls. He picked up the electric bass at the age of 19 and three months later played his first blues gig. In 1982 he met piano player composer C. Voutsinas and the collaboration lead to many live and recording sessions. In the mean time he was gigging regularly backing up Greek pop artists E. Dimou, Pashalis, Opa etc.In 1986 Lakis moved to London and he has appeared on many projects, playing clubs and jamms. Worked with Nick Duckett's Deep, Gilbert Gabriel (Dream Academy), Polly Styrene (Xrayspecs), John, Mizzarolli, Stevie Z, Gwen Ashton, Steve Lambert, Sashi, Jason Rebello, Chris Berry, Antonio Forcione, Chris ‘snake’ Davis, Lynn Dobson, Nazzareno Ercoli, Doug Conner, Roberto Manzin, Lorry Morgan trio, Paul Weinreb’s Tarantula, Brian Abrahams, Claude Deppa, Guy Turner trio, Bilbo Berger (Heatwave), Alex Maguire, Holly Roberts, Dino Gaccia, Alex Stanford, Tony Natale, Olivier Campana, Turnhip, Jimmy C., Bukie Leo, Aquaba and others.

Ollie Usiskin (Drums)

Ollie Usiskin is originally from London, UK. He grew up playing in Rock Bands at school. He started playing the Drums aged 12 years. Later went to Study At Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA & also Drummers Collective in New York. His past Teachers include such greats as Alan Dawson (Teacher for Tony Williams, Vinnie Colaiuta & Steve Smith) & Kim Plainfield (Drummer for Tania Maria). He then began playing Jazz Gigs with a Rock Edge. Ollie has Recorded & performed with many Artists including Actor Christopher Lee, Singer ian Shaw, Producer Richard Niles & jazz Greats including Saxman Jean Toussaint, Bassist Mike Pope, Guitarist Jim Mullen & Singer Mitch Winehouse. Ollie's influences include The late Tony Williams & Elvin Jones, Jack Dejohnette, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Chad Wackerman, Bill Stewart, John Bonham, Les Binks & the Music of Wayne Krantz ,John Scofield & Led Zeppelin.

Steve Stephenson (Percussion)

Steve came from a family of talented musicians and is a very experienced musician in his own right. He started his career in the music industry as a professional guitarist playing with numerous acts both live and in studio moving later into promotion and A & R with Elton John's Rocket label where he had a big hand in both the discovery and nurturing of many of the label's acts. He was signed as a songwriter to 'Screen Gems' publishing company in the early 70's. As a percussionist Steve shows an incredible natural sense of rythmn and an instinctive feel for the different styles needed for Infusionís music. Tragically Steve passed away suddenly on Wednesday 13th October 2004. He will be greatly missed and always remembered for his great enthusiasm and his wonderful musical contribution to Infusion.

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