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Biography of Doudou Gouirand

DOUDOU GOUIRAND BIOGRAPHY - Saxophones/composition


Doudou Gouirand is a french saxophone player whose music is a fresh and original blend of various previous experiences and musical memories, also inspired by traditional mediterranean and classical music. He has performed extensively in well known jazz festivals in France and worldwide, like Nice Jazz Festival, Banlieues Bleues Festival, Festival de Paris, Jazz en France, Amiens, Nevers, Festival de Radio-France Montpellier, Festival de Jazz de Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Zürich, Genève, Malaga, Pori, Turku, Mannheim, etc.

Among his music companions you’ll find Don Cherry, Mal Waldron, Jeanne Lee, J. M’Bizo Dyani, Chris Mc Gregor, Pinise Saul, Kevin Davy, Pierre Dorge, Palle Danielsson, Bobo Stenson, Aldo Romano, Antonello Salis, Enrico Rava, Djaya Deva, Rita Marcotulli, Sangoma Everett, Kirk Lightsey, Alain jean-Marie, Cheikh Tidiane Seck,etc.
D.Gouirand has also played with Paul Bley, Jim Pepper, Dino Saluzzi, Lester Bowie...

Personnal discography

Islands (1981), w.Chris Mc Gregor, Michel Benita, JC
Montredon et Lelle Kullgren

Mouvements naturels (1982), w. J Dyani, M. Benita, JC
Montredon, Merzak Mouthana, P. Dorge

Chanting & Dancing (1985), live w. J.Dyani, P. Dorge, S.
Everett, Cheikh Tidiane Fall

Space (1985) w. Mal Waldron et Michel Marre (VDS/52e rue
Est), CD VDS/Media 7 (1987)

Forgotten tales (1986), 52ème rue Est, w. Don Cherry, P.
Dorge, M.Marre, G. Pansanel, A. Salis, Sangoma Everett,
Andy Mc Kee… Réédition CD : Musea/Great Winds (2000)

La nuit de Wounded Knee (1990), w. Bobo Stenson, Palle
Danielsson, Aldo Romano (Blue Line)

Nino Rota/Fellini (1995, Deux Z), in collaboration w. Gérard Pansanel
Le matin d’un fauve (1995, AA records), w. Mal Waldron &
Michel Marre

Passages (1999, Deux Z), w. Rita Marcotulli, JJ Avenel, J.
Allouche, K Davy & Elise Caron

Les Racines du Ciel (2002, RDC/Plume/BMG), w. Cheikh T.
Seck, B. Trotignon, G. Pansanel, Hadja Kouyate, Ali
Boulo Santo, M. Koita, A. Wague, S. Everett, JJ Avenel,
K.Davy, Pinise Saul…

Mythologies (2006) w. Brigitte Menon & Aumja (DOM Disques)

BOLEROS (2007), ONDA JAZZ, recorded in Santiago de Cuba.


Doudou Gouirand started seriously in jazz music when Don Cherry - the great trumpet player and composer - gave him the opportunity to first study and then work with him - in Sweden and Scandinavia and later throughout Europe. At his contact, he is going to develop his interest for and knowledge of indian and african music and « world music » in general, and go further in the universe of improvised music through Cherry’s interest for a.o. Ornette Coleman.
He is also going to meet a few musicians working with Cherry : J. M’Bizo Dyani, Okay Temiz, Trilok Gurtu, Djaya-Deva, Palle Danielsson, Bobo Stenson, with whom he is going to work later on.

When Gouirand returns to France by the end of the seventies, he works for a period of time with Okay Temiz’s Oriental Wind and brazilian composers/singers Teca & Ricardo. He then starts to compose and to record regularly, first for JAM. In his first album (ISLANDS) he features a.o. Chris Mc Gregor on piano. In MOUVEMENTS NATURELS (1982) and CHANTING & DANCING (1985) with his new group « World Music Company », we find Pierre Dorge, Johnny Dyani, Sangoma Everett and Cheikh Tidiane Fall. The music is quite open but melodic and with a definite touch of world music. In 1982, Gouirand is also featured on Dyani’s album « GRAND MOTHER’S TEACHING », with jazz and south african roots.
Thereafter, Gouirand records FORGOTTEN TALES (vds/52° rue, 1986), an album with originals, wich features a.o. Don Cherry. (re-issued in nov 2000 by Great Winds/musea).

During the following years, Gouirand explores new directions with « SPACE » (VDS/52° rue) a trio album with Mal Waldron on piano and M. Marre (tpt), then « LA NUIT DE WOUNDED KNEE » (Blue Line, 1990) with Bobo Stenson, Aldo Romano and Palle Danielsson - a record dedicated to native americans, and « LE MATIN D’UN FAUVE » (AA/WMD, 1994) again with Mal Waldron and M. Marre.
With « NINO ROTA/FELLINI » (Deux Z/Harmonia Mundi, 1995), acclaimed arrangement and composition work done around Nino Rota’s film music, he explored a more european and typically mediterranean idiom, while keeping a lot of improvisation.
Between 1996 and 1998, he toured extensively in France and Switzerland with "Third Dimension" - a beautiful trio with Mal Waldron and vocalist Jeanne Lee, unfortunately with no released recording.
His album « PASSAGES » (june 99, distr. Harmonia Mundi) features Rita Marcotulli, JJ Avenel, J. Allouche, plus two guests : Elise Caron (voice) and Kevin Davy (tpt).
Gouirand has presented a number of « special projects » of which the work around Nino Rota, a project around Lapland music with singer Inga Yuuso and differents works with african musicians. The next projects in 2000-2002 : Les Saisons du Paradis, an ode to Provence with original music and texts from J. Giono.
Associated Improvisers Garrigues-Sahel, a stage project including traditional african musicians and french jazz improvisers, in september 99, led to the 2000 record project that was released in May 2002 (BMG) - Les Racines du ciel, with the subsequent stage group - Indigo song.
In 2006 he issued a record with the group AUMJA – an attempt to mix creative aspects from Indian and Mediterranean music – which includes a set of new personal compositions. The group is co-led with sitar player Brigitte Menon.
Lately, in 2007, he published BOLEROS, a project he had carefully prepared one year in advance and that was recorded on his second trip to Santiago de Cuba, where he blends his saxophone with the traditional and modern Bolero and nueva trova

Gouirand’s music is a fresh and original blend of all his previous experiences and musical memories, also inspired by traditional mediterranean and classical music. He has performed extensively in concerts and festivals in France and worldwide with a.o. Don Cherry, Mal Waldron, Jeanne Lee, J. M’Bizo Dyani, P. Dorge, P. Danielsson, Bobo Stenson, Aldo Romano, and also with Paul Bley, Jim Pepper, Dino Saluzzi, Lester Bowie...

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