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Biography of Daniel Messina

Drummer & Composer

Daniel Messina has long been known to European jazz fans. With his dynamic, thoroughly musical and technically exquisite style of play, Messina's tour work and recordings with the likes of Barbara Dennerlein and Ernie Watts have won him the admiration of lovers of complex rhythms. Born in Argentina in 1965, Messina, who has a string of awards to his name, has been living in Germany since 1991.
Messina once again proves himself to be not only a very accomplished drummer and percussionist, but also an imaginative composer and arranger.The mutual compatibility of the trio, completed by Ull Möck and Thomas Rotter, is strongly in evidence and Daniel Messina’s music is performed with taste and great sensitivity. His melodies are most appealing to the ear and really touch the soul and his drumming is precise and controlled.

Buenos Aires is a big city, a melting pot for music all over the world. The music of Daniel Messina is the result of this fusion and the strive for a joint development of all these different styles. Daniel Messina was able to create an innovative symbiosis of South American rhythmic elements with popular harmonies and influences of Jazz.

Every song is a story, just like a small movie, a photograph, a place or a journey.

With modern sounds, power and an impressive interpretation, the atmosphere on stage conveys the feelings and experiences of a musician of the new Argentine generation.

Daniel Messina was born on April 9th, 1965 in José C. Paz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
At the age of six, he began to play drums and guitar. He learned to play drums on his own for almost ten years by playing along different records and using a book by Gene Krupa. His first teacher for about three years was Omar Belmonte. After that, he studied five year longs with Elias "Chiche" Heger at the Escuela Nacionál de Batería y Percusión.
During that time, he played in different bands like for example Apertura, Quinteto el Quartetazo or the Baden Jazz Quartett.

He also wrote a workshop column in the music magazine "El musiquero" from October 1989 until June 1991.

At the age of 26, Daniel Messina emigrated to Germany.
He played there in Real Blues Band, with Yanomani and the Pablo Vázquez Trio.

Since 1993 Daniel Messina is a drum teacher in the
drum department Stuttgart.

An important step in his career is the co-operation with the renowned jazz Barbara Dennerlein since 1995, with whom he recorded her current duo CD "Love Letters" in 2001.

In 1996 he founded the Daniel Messina Band, which is a continuation of his project with own compositions and arrangements that he has already started in Argentina in 1989.
In 1999 the CD "Imágenes" was released.

In january 2001 Daniel Messina started with his band the concert series
"Jazz Edge on Saturday" at Buch Julius in Stuttgart, which meanwhile has become an in-scene meeting point and which is already successfully entering upon its seventh year.

Since the start of Jazz Network Radio in september 2001 he has directed the editorship of the latin channel and since february 2002 also the editorshipof the drummer channel, Drummer´s Special.

1984 Prize "Parque Norte" Buenos Aires, Argentina, (with Apertura)
1986 1st prize T.V. "Todo Nuevo " (with Apertura)
1986 1st prize in the popular music competition of the Univeristy of Belgrano (with Apertura)
1987 1st prize Juventudes Musicales de la República Argentina (with Apertura)
1988 Stipendate 2nd jazz seminary Valle de las Leńas
2000 musician of the month, october 2000, Música en Internet , Argentina
2001 artist of the month, august 2001, drumsweb , Argentina
2001 "Love Letters", Barbara Dennerlein Duo, CD of the month, august 2001,
Keyboards Magazin, Germany
2003 with Barbara Dennerlein Duo: "Jazz Eaters Award", for the best Jazz performance, Kaunas Jazz Festival, Lithuania
2006 musician of the day, 01.05.2006, Jazz-Kalender, Germany

Concerts with:
Daniel Messina Band, Barbara Dennerlein, Ernie Watts, Duo Sinesi & Messina, Wolfgang Schmid, Rhoda Scott, Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Stefanie Schlesinger, Bob Degen, Melva Houston, Viviane de Farias, Bodil Niska, Franco Petroca, Lorenzo Petrocca, Real Blues Band, Nora Sarmoria,Viewpoint Orchestra, Angela Balhorn Quartet, Rossana & Zelia, Tree-ho, Mouyeé, Vum-Vum Kamusasadi, Yanomani, Pablo Vázquez Trio, Apertura, Quinteto el Quartetazo, Ente, Tobogan, Patricia Andrade, Marcelo San Juan, Baden Jazz Quartet, Santiago Suarez, Coro de la Fundación San Telmo, Coro Polifónico Municipal de la Matanza.

South America, Europe, Asia. Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, France, Portugal, Italy, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Slovenia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgiztan, England, Croatia, Hungary, Japan, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Russia, Israel and Luxemburg.
Langer-Schmid-Messina, The beat goes on, (2007)
Barbara Dennerlein Duo: 10th. Anniversary. It's Magic (2005)
Daniel Messina Trio: Buenos Aires Affairs (2004)
Lothar Hensel: Tangomania (2003)
Daniel Messina Trio: El sol sale (2002)
Barbara Dennerlein Duo: Love Letters (2001)
Quique Sinesi & Daniel Messina: Prioridad a la emoción (2001)
Lalana/Becker/Messina:Cantares y ritmos hispánicos (2001)
Walter Becker: Una pasión del sur (2000)
Daniel Messina Band: Imágenes (1999)
Barbara Dennerlein Duo: (1999- ZDF/3 Sat, Hilfe für Kosovo-Schüler Helfen Leben)
Walter Becker: Tangos und andere Sünden (1998)
Emilio Solla: Apertura y afines (1997)
Daniel Messina: Solo en Europa (1996)
Pojolax (1996)
Grupo Sal: De maíz y fuego (1995)
Vum Vum Kamusasadi: Muzangola (1995, Tropical Music)
Vibemares: The wild cat mixes (1994, Triangle Records)
Quinteto El Quartetazo (1991, L.P.Barca)
Apertura (1988, L.P. Melopea/Interdisc)
Apertura (1987, L.P. Melopea/Interdisc)
Apertura (1986, L.P. Melopea/Interdisc)

99) Jazztage 2007 im Laboratorium , Stuttgart (Germany)
98) Lange Schwenninger Kulturnacht 2006, Schwenningen (Germany)
97) Altstadt Spektakel 2006, Leonberg (Germany)
96) 9. Burgerspektakel 2006, Königsfeld (Germany)
95) Lange Schwenninger Kulturnacht 2006, Schwenningen (Germany)
94) Marktplatzfest Ludwigsburg 2006, Ludwigsburg (Germany)
93) Jazzgarten Jazzfestival 2006, Frankfurt (Germany)
92) Schorndorfer-Gitarrentage 2006, Schorndorf (Germany))
91) 8. I.G. Jazz Clubfestival 2005, Wien (Austria)
90) Orgelfestival Fugato 2005, Bad Homburg (Germany)
89) Brandenburg Trommelt IV 2005, Brandenburg (Germany)
88) Festival Internacional de la Cultura 2005, Sucre (Bolivia)
87) Festijazz La Paz 2005, La Paz (Bolivia)
86) 4. Buenos Aires Percusion 2005, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
85) Jazz Festival Wiesen 2005, Wiesen (Austria)
84) Jazztage Seeon 2005, Seeon (Germany)
83) Lange Nacht der Kulturen 2005, Fellbach (Germany)
82) Crossdrumming Festival 2005, Varsovia, (Poland)
81) Jazznojazz, International Jazz Festival, 2005, Zürich, (Switzerland)
80) Benefit Gala für die Tsunami Opfer 2005, Stuttgart, (Germany)
79) Wein Kultur Tage Bottwartal 2004, Kleinbottwahr (Germany)
78) 52. Europäische Wochen Passau 2004 (Germany)
77) Sommer Festival der Kulturen 2004, Stuttgart (Germany)
76) Crossdrumming Festival 2004, Warsaw (Poland)
75) Verona Jazz 2004, (Italia)
74) Internationales Jazz Festival 2004 s-Hertogenbosch (Holland)
73) International Fusion Drum Festival 2003 (Argentina)
72) Internationales Jazz Fest, Jazz of Europe, Herford 2003 (Germany)
71) Silda Jazz Festival Haugesund 2003 (Norway)
70) 12.Mülheimer Jazz-Tage 2003, Mülheim an de Ruhr, (Germany)
69) Palatia Jazz 2003, Deidesheim (Germany)
68) Alba Regia Jazz Festival Székesfehérvár 2003 (Hungary)
67) Kaunas Jazz Festival 2003 (Lithuania)
66) Theaterhaus Internationale Jazztage 2003 (Germany)
65) Ehinger Jazz Festival 2002 (Germany)
64) Wolgast Jazz Festival 2002 (Germany)
63) 2. Unkersdorfer Jazztage 2002 (Germany)
62) Jazz Time 2002, Rijeka (Croatia)
61) 27.Internationales Jazzfestival Bern 2002 (Switzerland)
60) 13. Tallinn International Jazzfestival '02 (Estonia)
59) 12. Kaunas Jazz Festival '02 (Lithuania)
58) 17. Internacionale Jazztage Theaterhaus Stuttgart, '02 (Germany)
57) Most & Jazz in Fehring, '01, (Austria)
56) 6. Köpenicker Blues & Jazzfestival '01 (Germany)
55) Jazz Jam Cheb '01
54) 22. Festival de Jazz& Bluesn Gouvy '01 (Belgium)
53) 2. Landsteiner Jazzfestival '01 (Germany)
52) Jazz Festival Leibtnitz '01, (Austria)
51) 9. Internationales Orgel & Drehorgel Festival Laubach 2001, (Germany)
50) 10. Lüneburger Jazz Nights, (Germany)
49) 13 JazzFest Gronau '01, (Germany)
48) 15. Internationales Jazz Festival St. Ingbert, (Germany)
47) 2001, Musikfest Waidhofen '01, (Austria)
46) 2. Carl Drewo Jazz Tage, (Austria)
45) Orgeltage Lüneburg '01, (Germany)
44) AVO Session Basel '00, (Switzerland)
43) Internationale Drummer Meeting Salzzgitter '00 (Germany)
42) Festival Jazz de Colmar '00, (France)
41) Jazz Time 2000 Rijeka, (Croatia)
40) 5. Köpenicker Blues & Jazzfestival,'00 (Germany)
39) Jazzfest Wiesen 2000, (Austria)
38) 22. Jazz Fest Offenburg '00 (Germany)
37) Jazztage Görlitz 2000 (Germany)
36) SWR Hot Jazz Festival '99 Rust (Germany)
35) Chur Sommer jazz Fest '99 (Germany)
34) Elmau Jazz-Clasica Festival '99 (Germany)
33) 20. Groovy Jazz Blues Festival Gouvy (Belgium)
32) 7. Jazzfest, Kassel '99 (Germany)
31) Leverkusener Jazztage '99 (Germany)
30) 2. Fürther Jazz-Night '99 (Germany)
29) Heidelberg Jazz '99 (Germany)
28) 10. Jazzfest München '99 (Germany)
27) 10. Kassel Jazz Festival '99 (Germany)
26) Fleiner Jazztage (Germany)
25) 25 Jazzfestival Kaliz '98, (Poland)
24) Jazzfestival Kloster Seeon '98 (Germany)
23) 24. Freiberger Jazztage '98 (Germany)
22) Jazz Isch '98 (Germany)
21) Euregio Musik Festival '98 (Germany)
20) 9. Internationaler Wiehler Jazztage '98 (Germany)
19) Ostsee Jazz Festival Rostock '98 (Germany)
18) Hammond B3 Festival Moods '98 (Switzerland)
17) Sommerliche Musiktage Hitzacker '98 (Germany)
16) Diagonale Jazz Festival '98 (Germany)
15) Jazztage Ingolstadt '98(Germany)
14) Jazz Festival Terneuzen '97 (Holland)
13) 2.Hildener Jazztage '97 (Germany)
12) Bayreuther Jazz Festspiele '97 (Germany)
11) 1. Deidesheimer Jazztage '97 (Germany)
10) Mostly Jazz Schloss Elmau '97 (Germany)
9) North Sea Jazz Festival '97 (Holland)
8) Festival für Junge Kultur '97 (Germany)
7) Internationales Moritzburg Jazz Festival '97 (Germany)
6) Jazz Night Celle '97 (Germany)
5) Ludwisburger Jazztage '97 (Germany)
4) Göttinger Jazz Festival '96 (Germany)
3) 1. Festival de Música Popular Instrumental SADEM '91 (Argentina)
2) C.D.M. Fusión '90 (Argentina)
1) Mardel Jazz '85 (Argentina)

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