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 2006-09-13 21:05:35

New CDs

Cipher - Elemental Forces


Theo's dark ambient electronica band Cipher has completed the recording of it's new CD "Elemental Forces", which is currently being mastered and the graphics finalised. The album was made in collaboration with percussionist/ metal sculptor/ gong maker Steve Hubback (hubgong.dse.nl). Theo collaborated before with Steve Hubback in the Recreator band which has released one CD -Solar Sahara (FMR) and performed live in Belgrade and in Holland. The album Elemental Forces is very atmospheric, melodic, and hypnotic with its chiming gongs, dulcimer like hammer harps, deep bass grooves and haunting flutes and saxes. The CD will be released on the Burning Shed label (burningshed.com) and pre-release copies will also be available from the ordering page of this site from 16 October. You can hear a couple of audio clips on the Cipher myspace page profile.myspace.com

The Event Sunday 29 October 2006 - The Broadway Cinema , Nottingham http://www.broadway.org.uk 8pm (Box Office 0115 9526611)
Cipher Theo Travis - tenor and soprano saxes, alto flute, clarinet, loops
Dave Sturt - acoustic and electric basses, sound design, programming, loops
featuring : - Steve Hubback - gongs, hammer harps, cymbals, drum, percussion sculptures with - Jim Boxall - videos, live feeds, computer visuals, lights,
This special event is the world premiere of a new multi-media work which fuses new and emerging technologies in music and visuals with the art of instrumental performance. The work "Elemental Forces" was commissioned by Arts Council East Midlands and this debut performance is part of a series of major events to celebrate the completion of the new lottery funded extension to the forward looking and ambitious independent cinema - The Broadway.

Elemental ForcesElemental Forces is a collaboration between Cipher, percussionist/sculptor Steve Hubback and digital visual artist Jim Boxall. It combines the innovative rich organic textures of Steve Hubback's invented and handmade percussion sculptures, gongs and harps with Cipher's textured and looped soundscapes, bass, flutes and saxophones. The visual dimension is added by Jim Boxall utilizing reactive software, live feeds and pre-prepared film to produce an interactive, spontaneous and unique performance.
The piece takes inspiration from the philosophies and thoughts of various cultures on the elements that form our world and all that exists within it - from macroscopic to microscopic, external to internal. It is loosely divided into sections with four of the seven sections each concentrating on one of fire, earth, air and water. The remaining sections look at elemental forces from a broader perspective as well as presenting the music with innovative use of live video feeds and other visuals as well as surround sound to allow the audience to get inside the performance in fresh and unusual ways. The work will consist of some pre-prepared themes and textures around which both the music and visuals will be improvised. The idea is to make the whole multi-media event interactive amongst all of the artists by using new computer software that translates sound elements (eg. rhythms, volume and melodic patterns) to visual effects and changes in the patterns and flow of prepared moving images. The visuals will therefore react to the music at the direction and under the control of Jim Boxall and the musicians can simultaneously respond in their improvisations to the images that appear on the screen.

Slow Life
Following on from the success of the vinyl release "Eleven Bowls of Acidophilus Flute Salad" (a few copies left by the way), the Dutch label Tonefloat will be releasing a Deluxe Double LP Gatefold Vinyl Edition of Theo's 2003 CD "Slow Life". The album which features Theo soley on alto flute and loops has been very highly acclaimed (see reviews page), and for this version of the album, there will be three previously unreleased tracks. Two are outtakes from the original recording session, and the third which takes up the entire Side Four of the album, is a brand new 17 min 30 track by Bass Communion (aka Steven Wilson) which is a "reconstruction" made out of further unreleased outtakes from the original sessions. The piece involves only Theo's flutes but processed, filtered, layered and looped into a huge and beautiful sound canvas structured like a four part journey through a glorious 17 mins 30 secs. This will no doubt become one of Bass Communion's rarest releases. The album will be released in a gatefold sleeve featuring more of Mark Nelson's beautiful snowscape photography that graced the original CD cover. It is anticipated that the album will be available through Tonefloat (crazy-diamond.nl/tonefloat) from early December 2006. Exact release date to be announced shortly..

The Tangent
On September 2nd and 3rd Theo performed his first two UK gigs with the Tangent. The first was at the Classic Rock Society in Rotherham at the Herringhtorpe Leisure Centre A crowd of about 150 turned up and the gig was a stormer. The second gig was at the Riga club in Southend. A smaller venue, an enthusiastic crowd turned up including fans from Cardiff, Cambridge, Dublin and Germany. Despite some technical problems, the band played really well and one enthusiastic punter was going round telling band members that the gig was the best night of his life. Well...there you go! Both gigs were recorded and a live album is planned for early 2007. See thetangent.org

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