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 2008-01-21 17:09:15


Ed Saindon’s composition, “The Last Goodbye” is the lead track on the recently released recording Depth of Emotion which features Dave Liebman on soprano and Saindon on vibes. Saindon has had a long playing association with Herb Pomeroy who passed away in 2007. Saindon, a professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston since 1976, had played with Pomeroy for many years mostly in a duo context with trumpet and vibes. “I learned so much playing with Herb all of these years. We would play a tune, sit down and talk, play another tune and sit down and talk some more. I learned about music as well as hearing so many wonderful stories about players that Herb had played with including Charlie Parker, Lionel Hampton and Stan Getz,” said Saindon.

Saindon performed “The Last Goodbye” this past year at a tribute for Pomeroy at Berklee. The band featured Saindon on vibes along with trumpeter Greg Hopkins and Pomeroy’s long time rhythm section (pianist Paul Schmeling, bassist John Repucci and drummer Artie Cabral). “It was very special for me and the band since Herb’s wife Dodie and daughter Perry were seated in the front row of the hall,” reflected Saindon.

This is not the first time that a composition had been written for Herb Pomeroy. The classic Benny Golson composition, “Stablemates” was written for Pomeroy and his band when they were playing at Boston’s famed jazz club The Stables in the 50’s. Another Golson classic, “Along Came Betty” was written for the trumpeter’s first wife.

“Herb Pomeroy is sadly missed by everyone that knew him and shared the bandstand with him. He was not only a great player and educator, but he was most importantly, a great person,” Saindon commented. Speaking about his intention in composing “The Last Goodbye”, Saindon added, “I wanted the composition to reflect the sadness of Herb leaving us while at the same time elicit the kind of joy that Herb brought to us with his beautiful playing and personality.”


 2008-01-04 19:11:28

myspace page

Ed Saindon recently joined the many jazz musicians who have a site on MySpace. His site on MySpace contains clips from his recent recording Depth of Emotion featuring Dave Liebman on soprano and Saindon on vibes, piano and marimba. Also, included on the site are reviews and photos of Ed with Dave Liebman, Kenny Werner and Herb Pomeroy. The site's address is www.myspace.com/edsaindon


 2007-12-03 17:06:16

Dave Liebman's soprano and Ed Saindon's vibes create a unique blend on Depth of Emotion released by World Improvised Music

Rounding out the quartet is drummer Mark Walker (Oregon, Paquito D’Rivera) and bassist David Clark. The music can best be described as contemporary jazz that ranges from delicate lyricism to intense, virtuosic displays played with abandon. The quartet’s focus is on group dialogue, improvisation, and spontaneity played with an extreme dynamic range. Depth of Emotion’s repertoire consists of Saindon’s compositions along with his reharmonized versions of “Moon River” and “Green Dolphin Street”. The CD’s lead track, “The Last Goodbye”, was written by Saindon in honor of legendary jazz educator and trumpeter Herb Pomeroy who recently passed away.

“The aspect of this recording that impressed me the most is the incredible uniformity of the compositions; yet within each tune, there are different sets of musical challenges especially in the harmonic realm. The combination of the vibes with the soprano is a lovely texture that I had never before explored. Ed’s music is very listenable, and at the same time quite sophisticated.” Dave Liebman

Coming from the “four mallet school,” Ed Saindon has developed and continues to refine a pianistic approach to mallet playing which involves a consistent utilization of all four mallets along with a variety of dampening techniques. As a vibist and pianist, he has absorbed and transferred the influences from the piano lineage that stretches from Waller and Tatum up to the present. Originally a drummer, Saindon began playing the vibraphone along with piano while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston from 1972-1976. He is a Professor at Berklee where he has been teaching since 1976. From Down Beat: “an original approach to the vibraphone...Saindon has adapted and developed his self-styled pianistic approach.” From Jazz Times: “a master of the four mallet technique.”

After some time spent with Ten Wheel Drive, one of the early jazz-fusion groups from the 70’s, Dave Liebman secured the saxophone/flute position with the group of legendary Coltrane drummer Elvin Jones. Within two years, Liebman reached the zenith of his apprenticeship period when Miles Davis hired him. These years, 1970-74, were filled with tours, recordings and the incredible experience gained by being on the bandstand with two masters of jazz.

World Improvised Music will be sending Depth of Emotion to radio stations, jazz internet sites and the press in the U.S., Japan and Europe as part of a promotional campaign commencing in January 2008. More information at www.edsaindon.com For interviews, contact Ed Saindon at edsaindon@comcast.net


 2007-11-22 02:23:21

Music publisher releases Exploration in Rhythm, Volume 1, Rhythmic Phrasing in Improvisation by Ed Saindon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact and Ordering Information
www.edsaindon.com edsaindon@comcast.net

German publisher Advance Music releases Exploration in Rhythm by Ed Saindon

German music publisher Advance Music has just released Exploration in Rhythm, Volume 1, Rhythmic Phrasing in Improvisation by Ed Saindon. This is the first book of a series (for all instruments) dealing with advanced rhythmic concepts for the improvisor and composer. Saindon is a Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he has been teaching since 1976 and has developed the concepts addressed in the book through his jazz improvisation course at the college.

Exploration in Rhythm, Rhythmic Phrasing in Improvisation will develop and expand the rhythmic palette and vocabulary of the improviser and composer. The book specifically addresses the concept of over-the-bar line phrasing via rhythmic groupings of 8ths, triplets, 16ths and polyrhythms in 3/4, 4/4, and 5/4. Working on these concepts, players should begin to “hear” rhythms that “float over the barline” as well as develop the ability to execute phrases over longer periods of time. The end result will be a sonic erasing of the bar line and an enhanced sense of freedom with regard to rhythm and phrasing.

“Finally, a comprehensive and organized approach to getting out of the eighth note rut – valuable advice from Ed Saindon on how to vary one’s rhythmic approach.”
- David Liebman, saxist, educator, author, composer

“Ed Saindon gives us a new book, Explorations in Rhythm, containing tons of useful information and great ideas to work on. This is a great resource for enhancing one’s rhythmic facility and expression, something that gets overlooked all too often. In the search for personal expression, this new book is an additional way for the practicer to further his or herself.”
- Dave Douglas, trumpeter, composer, Greenleaf Music. Com

Ed Saindon’s new book provides all the essentials for a contemporary rhythmic tool box. A “must have” for the modern improviser. It puts the “mmmm” in rhythm.
- Hal Crook, trombonist, educator, author, composer

For more information, contact Advance Music at mail@advancemusic.com or Ed Saindon at edsaindon@comcast.net


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