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31/12/2008 Kent Jazz News Review

Kent Jazz News Review

CD Review: Out of the Blue
Ray Guntrip and Tina May

This CD is the result of a collaboration between local jazz composer/band leader Ray Guntrip and classy jazz singer Tina May. An unexpected togetherness perhaps, but one brokered by Ray’s sax player Gary Barnacle, who saw the potential of reaching a wider audience for Ray’s tunes. Tina agreed to add words to 18 tunes, nine of which are on this record. She said she was impressed by the strength of his music, especially those tunes with a harmonic twist that gave them a snappy, jazzy flavour. Amen to that.

So what we have here are nine songs impeccably sung by Tina May and accompanied by a superb 12 piece band that includes first-call jazzers such as Mark Nightingale, Alan Barnes, Alec Dankworth, Julian Siegel and Enrico Tomaso, as well as prominent local musicians Steve Parkin and Steve King.

Try out the quirky Be Bop - I Gotta get Away From You that is fun all the way, or the more funky Mr Twister. Tina’s trance like vocal on the 7/4 pulse of Demon Dance is a stand out track that has the bonus of a surging tenor exchange between Gary Barnacle and Julian Seigel. But for me the out standing soloist is Mark Nightingale whose accurate and rapid fire trombone solos rise to a new level.

Out of the Blue is an exciting collection of originals that establish both Ray Guntrip and Tina May as genuine individual voices on the jazz scene of Kent or anywhere else come to that.

Ian - Kent Jazz News (31 Dec 2008)


31/12/2008 Derek Ansell - Jazz Journal International

Jazz Journal International

CD 1478

This appears to be a self-produced CD by Ray Guntrip, a British composer, featuring eleven of his many compositions. Set up to bring attention to Guntrip’s work by tenor saxist Gary Barnacle, the disc features some top jazz names in solo and supporting roles and the compositions were given new lyrics by soloist Tina May. There are some strong and very good jazz solos patched into these charts, notably by Pearce, Nightingale and Alan Barnes, but the overall impression is of a very commercial set of tracks poised somewhere between jazz fusion and rock. Tina May is an accomplished jazz singer with a flexible wide ranging voice but I do not think this material enhances her reputation at all. If it is an attempt to fuse jazz and rock and appeal to a much wider audience, it is only partially successful; failing to appeal to either camp it may be lost in a pop limbo never to be seen or heard again. The tunes are catchy, the musicians all accomplished and there are several good jazz solos so, if that is enough, go for it.

Derek Ansell
Derek Ansell - Jazz Journal International (31 Dec 2008)


05/12/2008 C.J.ROGERS

C.J.ROGERSGreat & Relax to Listen
10 out of 0 to 1005/12/08Sound cocktails with a very height recognize value.
Super voice!!!
How never, is nothing to say, this is solid jazz realised at top level !!!
All the sounds are top arranged and played pro.
What I personally like on this album is the individual style and this little touch mambo, without it being intrusive acts.

Crogers - Jamendo (5 Dec 2008


02/12/2008 KurtDeBRYCKER - last.fm (2 Dec 2008)

That's some great piano playing on Exotic Stranger, Ray. Nice tunes which bring a smile to my face and fill the room with a warm, fuzzy feeling. I'm trying to master Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu for the last 2 years :-) (Almost there)
KurtDeBRYCKER - last.fm (2 Dec 2008)


01/12/2008 Doug Boynton, Girl singers. org

Review: Ray Guntrip and Tina May - Out Of The Blue
1 Dec 2008, 21:09

Over the electronic transom it came to me - an invitation to download an album by Ray Guntrip a self-described "prolific but, until now, little-known British jazz composer," and Tina May, a lyricist/vocalist who put lyrics to nine of the eleven tracks on this disc.

Good stuff, this - the razzle-dazzle opening track, "Exotic Stranger" has that sound of a classic you're sure you've heard before. The tricky "Be Bop - I Gotta Get Away From You" combines deft lyrics with a fine trombone solo from Mark Nightingale, whose credits include Steely Dan. In fact, the entire disc is a tribute to what can happen when you put great charts, lyrics, and a girl singer into a room with a bunch of old pros. Gary Barnacle and Julian Siegel on sax, Dick Pearce on trumpet ("Santa Maria Dance"), and bassist Alec Dankworth headline a great group of musicians.

It's a good education (for me) in how much fine lyrics can add to great music. Each of these tracks offer enough, by way of solos, and extended stretches with no vocals - to get a real feel for how finely crafted this music is. But with the addition of Ms. May's vocals, tuned so precisely to the music - well, it pushes the whole effort over the top.

Laura Knight is the vocalist on the track for which she wrote lyrics - "Move The Mambo Way," and the disc doesn't miss a beat in intensity. The instrumental, "Simple Simon" wraps the disc - a fine showcase for Mr. Guntrip and the band.

Available from all the usual vendors, both electronic and brick-and-mortar, on both sides of the Atlantic - this is a welcome addition to not only my collection, but to my library of musical experiences.

Highest recommendation.

-- Doug Boynton, girlsingers.org


01/12/2008 Graciela Rodriguez - Journal (1 Dec 2008

Hello Ray,

First of all thanks very much for the fabulous work you've put together in your cd! (and for sending it to me).
My most sincere congratulations! I think it's a total achievement to manage to do such a masterpiece as your first release. Great tunes, greater arrangements. Not to mention, fantastic musicians. No words. "Be-bop" (amazing tune! - like all the rest, but this one has got that something). Where did you get that Latin vein from?

I enjoy Tina May, her voice and lyrics are the mirror of her personality, it's a surprise hearing her singing in different styles (I love Demons Dancing!). She's genial.

Well... From now on I'm talking about your album with every musician I know. If you ever need me to put down some vocals, I would be most honoured to work with you.

Keep in touch!

)Graciela Rodriguez - Journal (1 Dec 2008


19/08/2008 Peter Quinn - Jazzwise uk

Ray Guntrip and Tina May Out Of TheBlue --- rayguntripmusic.com /* * * Tina May(v) plus various personnel including Dick Pearce (t) Gary Barnacle, Julian Siegal, Iain Ballamy (ts), Mark Nightingale (tb), Ray Guntrip (p. ky. org). Alec Dankworth (b) and Tony Bianco (d) Rec date not stated . (2007) A well-known figure on the Kent Jazz scene, this CD from keyboard player and composer Ray Guntrip consists entirely of self-penned compositions. Following the advice of sax player Gary Barnacle, Guntrip sought a lyricist for the project and enlisted the fabulous Tina May, whose storytelling prowess is heard on nine songs. Although they offer ample opportunity for Guntrip's crack team of soloists to stretch out, tunes with his favoured feel such as album opener "Exotic Stranger', That Mambo Beat and 'Move the Mambo Way' (sung by Laura Knight) are curiously anonymous. Much more individual are the fascinatingly circuitous routes of the title track's melodic line, the tricky word play of' 'Be-Bop-I Gotta Get Away From You' and the swinging 'Is it love?' which grafts a new head on to the changes of Cole Porter's 'What is This Thing Called Love?' On another standout, 'Demons Dancing', May even adopts the unlikely guise of spoken word hipster in its riotous central section. The disc's one instrumental, the high- octane 'Simple Simon', brings the album to a triumphant close. Peter Quinn.
Peter Quinn - Jazzwise (uk) (19 Oct 2008)


01/09/0008 Various



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