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31/08/2005 Jazz Journal International - Derek Ansell

Julia Farino -
Don’t Talk To Me Of Love

There are a considerable number of female vocalists currently on the scene, working with jazz combos and with good groups behind them, sounding pretty good. Few however sound right or comfortable with jazz and many are popular singers set in a jazz framework. Julia Farino is one of the rare ones that sounds right at home in front of a top drawer jazz combo and knows how to use her flexible voice to interpret strong material such as Bobby Troup’s The Meaning of the Blues.

She can also flex her vocal cords to produce a warm and winsome jazz reading of a ballad such as On My Own Again, an attractive line written by bassist Moses. This new release is a sparkling jazz vocal album with Julia’s expressive, swinging vocals backed up by a sterling rhythm section containing pianist Mead, bassist Moses, two musicians who have worked extensively with her on tour over the past year and drummer Stratford. Add in major soloists like Alan Barnes, Julian Marc Stringle, Ben Cummings and Campbell Burnap and you have a fine jazz album.

Ms Farino has the ability to inject considerable feeling into every vocal line she delivers, as demonstrated particularly on Meaning of the Blues and Wild Is Love. Ben Cummings has an impressive trumpet segment on the latter and plays well throughout. Relaxed, polished and a natural swinger Julia is an all round jazz singer who sounds equally at home with ballads, scat and all types of material. With strong contributions from the supporting musicians this CD is a winner.


30/04/2005 THE COURIER - George Giles

Recorded at Porcupine Studios, 2004.
Total playing time 36 m.21 s. Julia Farino JFCD 003.

Witchcraft; Wild Is Love; Don’t Talk To Me Of Love; Nature Boy; After You’ve Gone; Fascinating Rhythm; On My Own Again; Always True To You In My Fashion; In Love With Being In Love; The Meaning Of The Blues; Stuff Like That There; Do It Again.

Julia Farino – Vocals
Phil Mead – Piano
David Moses – Double Bass
Charlie Stratford -Drums
Robin Jones – Percussion
Dominic Ashworth – Guitar
Ben Cummings & Peter Rudeforth – Trumpet
Gary Plumley – Flute & Soprano Sax
Alan Barnes – Flute & Baritone Sax
Simon Bates – Flute & Tenor Sax
Julian Marc Stringle – Clarinet, Alto & Tenor Saxes
Campbell Burnap, Paul Taylor & Dan Hewson – Trombones

Julia Farino, a vocalist with clear diction and good interpretation of lyrics is a joy to listen to as she stamps her personality on nine well known songs and three fine original compositions on her debut C.D. – “Don’t Talk To Me Of Love”.

The fourteen instrumentalists in her backing bands (there are ten different combinations featured) are strewn with many top class Jazz musicians, many of them household names to discerning Jazz fans, provide excellent accompaniment with great ensemble playing and fine solos throughout.

The listener is transported through a fairly wide spectrum of Jazz from swinging Big Band type numbers such as “Stuff Like That There” to the very poignant “The Meaning Of The Blues” in which Julia is accompanied only by a guitar.

The three originals, “Don’t Talk To Me Of Love”, “On My Own Again” and “In Love With Being In Love”, all composed and arranged by bassist David Moses, are so good that they seem to be somehow very familiar.

I enjoyed Julia Farino’s debut C.D. very much and I sincerely hope that she and her musicians Do It Again in the not too distant future – that really would be a bonus! I was slightly disappointed with the brevity of this C.D. however, forget the quantity and just appreciate the quality.

An excellent debut C.D. that will surely be well received. Recommended as a good addition to any collection, it’s available from all good record stores.

George Giles.


27/02/2005 THE OBSERVER - Dave Gelly

Julia Farino -Don't Talk To Me Of Love
JFJ Records/JFCD003

There are all kinds of jazz singing, but the kind that most people enjoy is the one where a jazz treatment lifts an already good song a few inches off the ground and sets it swinging. That is Julia Farino's style and she does it very well.Her cool voice and clear, direct phrasing fit effortlessly into all kinds of settings - swing, ballad, Latin, even Dixieland - and in every case the words and music sound as though they belong together, which is not as common as you might think.The accompaniments vary from a trio to a 10 piece band, all excellently played by some of London's finest. Most of the arrangements are by bassist David Moses, who also reveals himself to be a very decent songwriter.There are dozens of vocal CDs coming out these days, but I do hope this one doesn't get lost in the rush.


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