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Leonid and Nikolai Vintskevich

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Under a Different Sky

Artist: Leonid and Nikolai Vintskevich

Date of Release: 27/05/2016

Catalogue no: SLAMCD570

Label: SLAM

Price: £9.99

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Leonid Vintskevich (piano), Steve Kershaw (double bass), Nick Vintskevich (saxophones).

The tunes on Under a Different Sky all reflect the lives, interests, influences and communal experiences of the trio. Forgotten Melody – Leonid’s meditation on half-remembered musical fragments; The Waltz of the Young Turks – inspired by a distinctive clapping rhythm banged out by drinkers in a bar in Bergama in Turkey; One Moment – a lyrical reflection on the Chernozem (‘Black Earth’) and big skies of Nick’s homeland; Face Kontrol – sharing the feelings you have outside Moscow nightclubs, where the ‘Face Kontrol’ official won’t let you in unless you are beautiful; Russian Ornament – party time on the Russian steppe with the workers, Stravinsky and home-made vodka; Sarabande – Steve’s take on Claude Debussy’s stately jazz-inflected dance in triple metre; Under a Different Sky – a solo bass improvisation (no overdubs or studio trickery here) inspired by Boudicca’s harangue to the warriors of the Ancient British Iceni tribe; Stabat Mater – dark bass melodies matching the Latin words of a 13th-century hymn to Mary (Stabat mater dolorosa / juxta Crucem lacrimosa / dum pendebat Filius) with tolling bell-chimes from the piano; The Mad Dog and the Englishman – a walk in the English countryside with the composer and his English Springer Spaniel.




01/08/2016 Ken Cheetham

Russian pianist Leonid Vintskevich strikes his piano with a certain volatile bravura and audacity, his passion and brazen attitude echoing his dazzling ingenuity and technique. His music is evocative of that of some of his favourites, Berg, Messiaen, and Scriabin. This uncluttered and pugnacious style needs a strong and stable underpinning, provided here by Steve Kershaw on double bass, who already has some standing with the Vintskevich father and son duo. Saxophonist Nikolai is as free as his parent and his attack on his instrument is similarly belligerent. While Kershaw’s structure is solid, it is also flexible within and this leaves space for the other two to breathe. Reviewed by Ken Cheetham http://www.jazzviews.net/leonid-vintskevich-ndash-under-a-different-sky.html


14/07/2016 Vittorio Lo Conte

Il trio di questa incisione è costituito da due musicisti russi ed uno inglese che hanno trovato un linguaggio comune, musicalmente parlando. Leonid Vintskevichè un pianista che ha suonato con tanti dei grandi del jazz internazionale, in patria e fuori, e che ha una formazione da pianista classico, sia da esecutore che da insegnante. Il figlio Nick Vintskevich suona i sax contralto e soprano ed ha già suonato in USA nella big band di Lionel Hampton, l’altro musicista de trio è il contrabbassista inglese Steve Kershaw, molto apprezzato in patria per la duttilità nell’uso dello strumento, capace sia di proporre una forte spinta propulsiva che di esprimere un bel senso per la melodia quando l’esecuzione lo richiede. Il disco comincia con un duo tra pianoforte e contrabbasso, una “melodia dimenticata” che proviene dal mondo della classica, un jazz europeo che non rinnega le proprie origini culturali. Ottimo brano in cui Kershaw ha modo di mostrare la sua bravura nel disegnare linee melodiche con l’ingombrante strumento mentre il pianista si presenta da un lato più romantico. Cambia subito però su The Waltz of the Young Turks, ispirato da un viaggio in Turchia. Qui si aggiunge il figlio Nick al sax soprano, le note basse del pianoforte si fanno sentire nella migliore tradizione jazz e Kershaw ovviamente si adegua alla dimensione ritmica del brano. È un jazz globale il loro, ispirato dai ritmi eseguiti battendo le mani in un bar turco, ma che rientra nella tradizione afroamericana. One Moment è un momento più melodico, ispirato dai cieli azzurri della patria dei due musicisti russi. Un tema molto bello eseguito con passione al sax soprano mentre Kershaw qui usa l’archetto, un brano ispirato che avvolge i sensi dell’ascoltatore. Su Face Control Nick passa al sax alto, strumento da lui suonato con piglio moderno e conoscenza della tradizione. Siamo su altre coordinate, su quelle di un jazz più aggressivo, in cui lo swing ha un suo ruolo preciso. Russian Ornament è un duo del pianoforte e del sax soprano, un brano dall’esecuzione piuttosto contorta e che ci mostra la versatilità ed il virtuosismo del sassofonista. Sarabande è una composizione di Claude Debussy eseguita in trio. Under a Different Sky che dà il titolo al disco è seguito da Kershaw da solo, senza sovraregistrazioni. Sono quasi cinque minuti di invenzioni, fra momenti con l’archetto ed in pizzicato che ci mostrano il lato più creativo del contrabbassista. The Mad Dog and the Englishman rappresenta nel titolo un’escursione nella campagna inglese insieme allo springer spaniel di Kershaw, Nick è di nuovo al sax alto, il pianista mostra il suo lato piú swingante. Il disco è registrato ottimamente in studio, il che non guasta, visto il notevole livello delle esecuzioni.
Vittorio lo Conte. http://www.musiczoom.it/?p=25943#.V0xeWZErK1u

The trio of this incision is made up of two Russian musicians and a British who have found a common language, musically speaking. Leonid Vintskevich is a pianist who has played with many of the great international jazz, at home and abroad, and has a classical pianist training, both performer teacher. The son Nick Vintskevich plays the alto and soprano, and has already played in the USA in the big bands of Lionel Hampton, the other musician of the trio is the English bassist Steve Kershaw, very appreciated at home for the flexibility in the use of the instrument, capable is to propose a strong driving force that express a great sense for melody when the execution requires it. The disc begins with a duet between piano and bass, a "forgotten melody" that comes from the world of classical, a European jazz that does not deny its cultural origins. Great piece in which Kershaw way of showing his skill in drawing melodic lines with the bulky instrument while the pianist comes from a more romantic side. Change, however, immediately on The Waltz of the Young Turks, inspired by a trip to Turkey. Here you add the son Nick on soprano sax, bass piano notes are felt in the best tradition of jazz and Kershaw course adapts to the size of the rhythmic song. It is a global jazz theirs, inspired by the rhythms performed clapping in a turkish bar, but that is part of the Afro-American tradition. One Moment is a more melodic moment, inspired by the blue skies of the homeland of the two Russian musicians. A very nice theme played with passion on soprano sax while Kershaw here uses the bow, an inspired piece that wraps the senses of the listener. Face Control of Nick goes on alto saxophone, which he played instruments with modern look and knowledge of tradition. We are of other coordinates, on those of a more aggressive jazz, in which the swing has its precise role. Russian Ornament is a piano duo and soprano sax, a song from the execution rather convoluted and showing us the versatility and virtuosity of the saxophonist. Sarabande was composed by Claude Debussy performed in trio. Under a Different Sky that gives the title track is followed by Kershaw alone, without overdubs. Are almost five minutes of inventions, including moments with the bow and pizzicato that show us the more creative side of the double bass. The Mad Dog and the Englishman is in the title of a hike in the English countryside along the springer spaniel Kershaw, Nick is back on alto sax, pianist shows off his side more swinging. The disc was recorded in the studio well, which is good, considering the high level of executions.


01/07/2016 R. D. Rusch

have produced a very attractive CD called UNDER A DIFFERENT SKY [Slam cd 570].
The music here is quite striking. Vintskevich is a striking pianist clear and forceful, the other
Vintskevich, who at times brings to mind Dave Liebman, is very melodic and clear. Kershaw
who had a hand in writing/arranging 6 of the 9 tracks [47:05] goes solo on the title track.
Half of the program here is duos with one member of the trio sitting out. I think this, and the
fact that this is a drummerless group, adds to the clarity and variety of the program.
I went back to the first recording this group made in 2005 [Slam 277] where they had a drummer,
and although solid, it was without the clear definition of this later [7/21/14] recording.
A most pleasing release. R. D. Rusch Papatamus July 2016


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