Artist: Szilard Mezei

Date of Release: 01/07/2010

Catalogue no: SLAMCD 521

Label: SLAM

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Mezei Szilárd was born in Senta, Vojvodina, at that time a Region of Yugoslavia and now in Serbia, as a member of the Hungarian minority in that multiethnic region.
His music strongly reflects the contemporary culture of his homeland; in Mezei’s case the Hungarian fire is quite dominant.
Mezei is a master of the art of combining composed and improvised musics, leading on viola his ensembles of various sizes. His Octet here presents 5 of his compositions recorded in Budapest, music depicting the real vitality of modern European jazz.




03/01/2011 Stuart Kremsky

“Tonk - Ho/Stump - Snow” by the octet begins with a majestic orchestral swell. A stately melody with complex internal dissonance takes over, soon giving way to intense collective improvisation over skittering drums and a feeling of suspended time. That’s in just the first two minutes of this 13-minute piece, and words utterly fail to convey how wonderful his impressively rich and nuanced charts actually sound. In his investigations of control versus disorder and the nuances of sound, Mezei has effectively created his own sound world. While it’s true that he has pretty much the same tools as everyone else, he uses them in original ways imbued with a keen sense of curiosity and adventure. Mezei has built up an impressive discography over the past few years with bands of varying sizes, and this pair of splendid releases reinforces the point that something wonderful is brewing in Serbia.
Stuart Kremsky


14/10/2010 Massimo Ricci

Over the last years, violist and composer Szilárd Mezei has steadily amassed several remarkable and unjustly unsung albums, gradually expanding a creative individuality whose crucial constituents reside in the influence of his native region's folk — he's a Serbian of Hungarian descent — aptly fused with the freshest ramifications of contemporary jazz and chamber music. This live set from 2007, recorded in Budapest, takes a comprehensive snapshot of these issues, a path that bifurcates between the respect of a written score and a next-to-mayhem discharge of communicative energy. The whole is permeated by artistic integrity and unwillingness to bend to average Western standards, both in the very material and its presentation; the only English words correspond to the translation of the titles, while a poem by B. Pap Endre printed on the inside leaflet is left in the original idiom. Make what you want of these things.
The abundant duration — circa 72 minutes — is not a problem, in that the performance allows the listener to change perspectives rather frequently, enjoying a number of harmonic shifts, open-minded improvisations and thematic implications. It begins with silence broken by small instrumental noises — with the strings at the forefront — but soon enough the composition starts to exploit the octet's ever-changing dynamics, often suffused with a sort of sinister humor that's typically Balkan. One of the intriguing facets of Mezei's style is the superimposition of different rhythms, something that an untrained brain accepts with difficulty (see what happens when people teach that life's movements are all in twos and threes). Once familiarized with that, though, the process of assimilation is made easier by an expert subdivision of the parts across the orchestral ranks.
Space is allotted for each member's solo spots: a section by pianist Milan Aleksi? impressively recalls Sergey Kuryokhin's furious flurries, whereas Albert Márkos' cello is a thing of beauty throughout. The jovially dissonant theme of "Hep 5" is the ultimate stamp on a work that desperately attempts to remain in the memory: not through easy-to-sing lines or surplus of skill, but via the kind of collective heart that throbs down to the most difficult-to-swallow sections. In that sense, Tönk may not be the primary symbol of Mezei's inventiveness, yet it portrays the personal consistency and the comradeship among the participants quite well.


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