Artist: Sebastiano Meloni

Date of Release: 01/07/2010

Catalogue no: SLAMCD 523

Label: SLAM

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An all-star Italian trio - Sebastiano Meloni piano, Nicola Cossu double bass, Roberto Dani drums play a dozen improvisations recorded in Cagliari in 2009.

Sebastiano Meloni says: “Our music is almost completely improvised, apart from a few themes. We try to uncover what music can express in itself, as well as the emotions we could convey with atonal free improvisations. We often decide which forms, sounds, timbres, or registers we are going to explore ahead of time. Our purpose is to make atonal improvisation a compositional language, which means strict rules and attention to form.”

Sebastiano Meloni has recorded a CD, “Improvised Pieces for Trio”, with Tony Oxley drums and Adriano Orrù double bass. Roberto Dani recorded more than 60 CDs; he has played, among others, with Annette Peacock, Louis Sclavis, Kenny Wheeler and Dave Liebman.




17/01/2011 Jerome Wilson

CD 523 - is an Italian piano trio that operates in a more specialized world of melodic but ominous music that draws from the fragmented minor key vibe of Ran Blake and the dark bluesy impulses of Paul Bley. The off-center piano riffs and tinkling cymbals of “Children,” among other pieces, could have come straight from one of Blake’s noir fantasies. Sebastiano Meloni maintains a light touch on his piano, hitting deliberate, tinkling notes that make an edgy contrast to Roberto Dani splashing around his cymbals like Paul Motian. The trio’s sense of uneasy quiet is so pervasive it is actually jarring when something more demonstrative happens, like the repetitive stabbing piano and bass chords against rattletrap percussion on “Snowfall” or the agitated piano riffing on “Waking Up” which sounds like a lost Hitchcock soundtrack. The overall sound of this music is dreamy and disorienting with just enough familiar hints of melody and rhythm to keep you intrigued. It’s creepy but a pleasure to listen to.
Jerome Wilson Cadence, Jan – March 2011


01/12/2010 Bruce Lee Gallanter

SEBASTIANO MELONI/NICOLA COSSU/ROBERTO DANI - Dialogues (Slam 523; UK) Recorded live in a conservatory in Cagliari, Italy in March of 2009 and featuring Sebastiano Meloni on piano, Nicola Cossu on double bass and Roberto Dani on drums. I recognize a couple of these names previously: Meloni has recorded in a trio with Tony Oxley and Mr. Dani has a duo disc out with Erik Friedlander and has recorded with Umberto Petrin, Tim Berne & Giorgio Gaslini. After a number of fine disc with different South American musicians, the Slam label has been looking to Italy a number of fine musicians to present. The twelve pieces on this disc were written by Meloni (five), Meloni & Dani (one) or the entire trio (six). This music is superbly recorded and often haunting in its sound. "Shadows" is an appropriate titled restrained piece which is elegant and flows like a refreshing swim in the ocean. "Waking Up" reminds me of rain storm as it approaches and then passes us by, flooding our senses with watery images before it fades into the horizon. This music has a most organic, natural vibe. Roberto Dani sounds as if he is using knitting needles on "Snowfall", where he is featured rustling around the drums most carefully. The trio ascends into more eruptive wave at the beginning of "A New Theme". Each piece develops a different vibe as if it were describing a different scene. The entire disc is like a collection of short stories that add up to a short novel or film of the same name. There is not one spurious note or excessive moment found on this fine disc - it feels quite perfect in substance and execution. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery http://www.downtownmusicgallery.com/Main/news/Newsletter-2010-06-04.html


22/11/2010 Neri Pollastri

Neri Pollastri http://italia.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=5956
Jobs improvisation, this Dialogues sees it in a trio of excellent musicians really engaged in a dialogue that extends to the twelve tracks, half of them resting on thematic sketches, the others are totally improvised.
The hard lives of sounds and atmospheres, but also the coherence of musical discourses developed. About the sounds, be recognized Sebastian Meloni (recently valued in a similar context, though perhaps less lyrical, along with Adriano Orrù and Tony Oxley, Improvised Pieces for Trio ) very clean touch and ability to exploit the high notes of the keyboard, often extending the pause at the Paul Bley. But if the pianist is to dominate the scene, one can not consider mere companions of his companions, why Cossu is always in dialogue with the sound of his bass and Roberto Dani plays his part a role that is far from simple battery, a brush of the speech sounds used in making or producing complex sound situations and dramatic, as is the impressive final track, "Sleeplessness."
What particularly strikes of this work is that the strong freedom always remains perfectly readable even repeatedly touches the heights of genuine lyricism, and not only where there are clear thematic fragments of departure, such as in the first track or intense and engaging "Waking Up," but in the rarefied and the Nordic "In the Night" or the creative and impressionistic "Dialogues," entirely improvised but not without a precise and fascinating thread.
Work of unquestionable quality and high, which documents a trio that plays in a creative, original and intelligible. A trio of modern - if only the critics and organizers had more courage - might have even enthusiastic welcome at a wider audience with the usual affectionate.
Visit the websites of Sebastian Melo and Roberto Dani .
Rating: 4 stars

Original Italian:-

Lavoro all'insegna dell'improvvisazione, questoDialogues vede all'opera un trio di eccellenti musicisti realmente impegnati in un dialogo aperto che si estende per le dodici tracce, metà delle quali poggianti su bozzetti tematici, le altre invece totalmente improvvisate.
Il disco vive di suoni e atmosfere, ma anche della coerenza dei discorsi musicali sviluppati. Riguardo ai suoni, vanno riconosciute a Sebastiano Meloni (recentemente apprezzato in un contesto simile, sebbene forse meno lirico, assieme a Adriano Orrù e Tony Oxley, Improvised Pieces for Trio) grande pulizia di tocco e capacità di valorizzare le note alte della tastiera, spesso estendendo le pause a là Paul Bley. Ma se è il pianista a dominare la scena, non si possono considerare i suoi compagni dei meri accompagnatori, perché Cossu è sempre presente nel dialogo con il suono del suo contrabbasso e Roberto Dani svolge da par suo un ruolo che è tutt'altro che da semplice batterista, pennellando suoni nel procedere del discorso o anche producendo situazioni sonore complesse e drammatiche, come accade nell'impressionante traccia finale, "Sleeplessness".
Ciò che in particolare colpisce di questo lavoro è come la forte libertà resti comunque sempre perfettamente leggibile, anzi a più riprese tocchi vette di autentico lirismo, e questo non solo laddove vi siano chiari frammenti tematici di partenza, come ad esempio nella prima traccia o nella intensa e coinvolgente "Waking Up," ma anche nella rarefatta e nordica "In the Night" o nella creativa e impressionistica "Dialogues," interamente improvvisate ma non per questo prive di un preciso e affascinante filo conduttore.
Lavoro di indubbia ed elevata qualità, che documenta un trio che suona in modo creativo, originale e intellegibile. Un trio moderno che - se solo critica e organizzatori avessero più coraggio - potrebbe avere entusiastica accoglienza anche presso un pubblico più ampio dei soliti affezionati.
Visita i siti di Sebastiano Meloni e Roberto Dani.
Valutazione: 4 stelle di Neri Pollastri


01/11/2010 Barry McRae

Jazz Journal November 2010

Sebastiano Meloni (pl; Nicolo Cossu (b); Roberto Dani (d). Viersen, Germany 2009.

This is very much a performance for the chamber music lover. The title track opens in a quite static manner and Meloni takes a meandering gait on piano. His more dashing personal sound is heard on New Theme and Cossu fashions her own bass message on In The Night. Sleeplessness is a free three-voice exercise, while Another Quiet Place accommodates a distinctly apt conversation. The title track is the most intriguing, taking perhaps a jazz-like exit and doing so in a way that embraces all three musicians.
Barry McRae


01/10/2010 François Couture

Un jazz moderne mais délicat pour commencer la journée. Un trio piano-contrebasse-batterie dirigé par Sebastiano Meloni, dont les compositions rappellent un peu celles de Lennie Tristano. De beaux dialogues (incidemment) avec la section rythmique dans les pièces plus improvisées. Pas hyper-marquant ou distinctif, mais agréable.
Some delicate modern jazz to kick off the day. A piano/doublebass/drums trio led by Sebastiano Meloni, whose compositions are slightly reminiscent of Lennie Tristano. Nice dialogues (incidentally) with the rhythm section in the more improvised pieces. Not super-distinctive or striking, but enjoyable.
François Couture http://blog.monsieurdelire.com


27/09/2010 Vittorio LoConte

Vittorio LoConte
La Slam Productions, casa discografica con sede in Inghilterra di George Haslam dà spazio al pianista sardoSebastiano Meloni ed al suo trio insieme a Nicola Cossu al contrabbasso e Roberto Dani alla batteria. Sono dodici brani che seguono per lo più la via dell´improvvisazione totale, percorsi atonali in cui le vie dei tre musicisti si riconcorrono in momenti collettivi ricchi di emozionalità.
Sono poco in sintonia con quello che si produce in Italia preferendo vie più originali, dall´aspetto internazionale. Il pianoforte di Meloni tira fuori linee dall´apparente tranquillità, atmofere notturne, visionarie, in questo avvolto da un contrabbasso in sintonia con le sue idee, che si esprime parallelamente. Li segue la batteria di Dani, anche lui lontanto da ritmi convenzionali, più alla ricerca di colori, di suoni inusuali che danno ai dialoghi del titolo una forma inedita ed anche un´espressione, una pronuncia, che sono al di fuori del consueto. L´atonalità appare subito all´ascolto e conquista per l´empatia che i tre riescono a trasmettere, senza armonie consuete o ritmi accondiscendenti. Cercano l´istante,la scintilla che accende il dialogo collettivo, il momento magico che rifugge dalla consuetudine. http://www.musicboom.it/mostra_recensioni.php?Unico=20100618020052
The Slam Productions, record label based in England of George Haslam gives space to the Sardinian pianistSebastian Meloni and his trio along with Nicola Cossu on bass and Roberto Dani on drums. There are twelve songs that mostly follow the path of improvisation total , atonal paths where the paths of three musicians riconcorrono rich in moments of collective emotion.
Are sufficiently in tune with what is produced in Italy prefer more original way, looking internationally. The pianoMeloni takes out lines by the apparent calm, atmofere night, visionary, enveloped in the bass in tune with his ideas, expressed in parallel. We follow the battery Dani, too far far from conventional rhythms, looking for more colors, unusual sounds that give dialogue a new form of title and also an expression, a pronunciation, which are outside the usual. L 'atonality is just listening and empathy for winning the three manage to convey, without harmonies or rhythms usual condescending. They seek instant, the spark that lights the collective dialogue, the magic moment that escapes from the habit.


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