Artist: Outward Bound Trio

Date of Release: 10/01/2011

Catalogue no: SLAMCD 526

Label: SLAM

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“THE PATH” SLAMCD 526 Barcode: 5028386052623

Outward Bound Trio - Tsikandilakis Antonis : piano, Neonakis Dimitris : electric guitar, Iliakis Yiannis : drums.

‘Outward Bound Trio’ brings together three Crete-based musicians of diverse musical backgrounds but with common interests in exploring, through improvisation, the tonal palette offered by the piano, electric guitar and drums combination.
This, the Trio’s second album, presents a series of short improvisations in three parts which, despite the continual alternations, retain a homogeneous sound landscape.
Free forms, open in terms of time and density of musical events, come upon fragments of chord progressions, floating themes contrasted with unstructured sounds, whispers, screams, pauses. Without following rules of any compositional idiom, the music is developed in real time, sometimes haphazardly, other times in a succession of spontaneous interventions, orientating itself to the pursuit of artistry.
The music laid down in this studio recording has been developed by the trio through performances at the International Jazz Festival in Athens, the European Jazz Festival Kostas Kouvidis, the Zante Jazz Festival, as well as numerous jazz clubs and theatres around Greece.




22/11/2011 Grego Applegate Edwards

OUTWARD BOUND has a trio configuration (Neonakis Dimitris, el g; Tsikandilikas Antonis, p; Iliakis Yiannis, d). Their CD, THE PATH (SLAM 526), starts off in what appears to be an ambient zone but goes on to begin filling in between the spaces with more noteful sounds (Fallacy/ Dawn/ Awakening/ First Cue/ Labyrinth/ Decisive Moment/ Being Alone/ Regulated Motion/ Shadows of Winter/ Sinking In/ Triple Path/ Falling/ Second Cue/ Brainstorm/ Getting Across/ Deceptive Signs/ Thinking Out Loud/ Letting Go. 53:25.) In the end there is a free-form ambience somewhere between classic ECM sorts of ambient music and the total float of Open Graves. Dimitris gets a variety of different sounds from his guitar and seems well in control over what he wants in the various moments where he is working on a phrase or sound envelop to compliment Antonis’s impressionistic twinkles. Yiannis has a discerning Connie-Kay-on-Pluto sort of sensitivity to touch that goes with the proceedings well. They do in time get more dense in their improvs and there are pulse points that the drums instigate that work in a kind of raga-like way. This is not grandpop’s Bop, as you gather. It’s music that is in no hurry to get to where it will, which some might find boring. Then you come to an explosion of acid shred guitar and busy drums on “Triple Path.” But then it settles back again for reflective meanders. Say what you might, these three do their own sort of expansive ambient trio work. They are recognizably lyrical and spaced out in a personal sort of way and that’s not very common. You might not like it if you are looking for a more eventful and assertive sort of music. Let it go its way and you might find yourself pleased and occupied with its stories in sound. Grego Applegate Edwards oct - nov - dec 2011 | cadence


01/06/2011 Tom Greenland

On the southern Balkan Peninsula, at the crossroads
of Europe and the Middle East, with seaports on the
Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean Seas, Greece is
ideally situated to embrace the hybrid cultural
commerce of jazz. Recent releases by Hellenic
improvisers reveal that the cradle of Western
civilization still swings.
Crete-based Outward Bound, with guitarist
Neonakis Dimitris, pianist Tsikandilakis Antonis
and drummer Iliakis Yiannis, further explore their
unique chemistry on The Path, their second disc as a
trio. The three-part suite of short extemporaneous
pieces evinces an ultra-minimalist aesthetic,
favoring modal canvases of subdued chord colors
(often shifting minor triads), meditative drones and
restrained, back-of-the-mix percussive shadings.
Even the pauses between tracks make a statement:
ranging from direct segues to 20-second drop-outs,
they forefront silence and space as expressive
gestures. When - as on “Triple Path” or “Deceptive
Signs” - Dimitris kicks on his overdrive pedal for
some ‘post-blues’ riffing, the music sounds like a
new wrinkle on classic Pink Floyd. Interest is
sustained via constant variation of instrumental
combinations, timbres and textures.Tom Greenland


01/02/2011 Fontas Troussas

Outward Bound's first recording that reached our hands - the Triple Bath namesake CD-R that is, was one of 2009's surprises. As we approach 2011 a CD named "The Path" is released by the british "Slam Productions", a modern, loyal label that has also collaborated with other improvisers such as Charles Hayward and Lol Coxhill. This fact proves that Outward Bound is one of the most interesting groups that sojourn in the country's iconoclastic scene. An honour for the three musicians from Crete, Antonis Tsikandilakis (piano),Yiannis Iliakis (drums) and Dimitris Neonakis (el. guitar), as they find the... Path through a recognized british label. A pleasant occasion for us as we listen to such vivid music from three 30 year olds that dare to experiment but in the same time adopt delineation and narrativity. The album that lasts 53 min and includes 18 not always distinctive tracks, reveals a certain connection between the three musicians, a way of playing music that may emanates from the classic euro-improv scene but also does not show intimidation in front of the "Keith Jarrett ritual".
Fontas Troussas , "Jazz & T???¨" magazine . February 2011


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