Any Morning

Artist: Luciano Troja

Date of Release: 25/10/2019

Catalogue no: SLAMCD598

Label: SLAM

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Appearances by

Giancarlo Mazzu

Giancarlo Mazzù guitar
Luciano Troja piano

Recorded on April 28th, 2019 at 2nd Story Sound, New York City.
Sound engineer: M.P.Kuo.
Mixed and mastered by Alessandro Luvarà, at Spain Audio Studio, Molochio (RC)

The long standing duo Mazzù and Troja, return with a new selection of their original compositions, on this their fourth SLAM CD, another important milestone on their path together, marking over 15 years of collaboration and music empathy.
‘Any Morning’ presents 10 new original compositions, through which the two musicians open their musical vision to new languages through their mutual sensitivity.
The programme traces the duo’s unique style of improvisation based on their own compositions, from baroque to jazz roots, to avant-garde.
In particular, the title of the CD, and also the composition, “Any Morning” (track 4) take inspiration from a poem by the great poet Bill Zavatsky, (from the book “Where X Marks the Spot”, Hanging Loose Press, 2006, 2019). Poet/pianist, Zavatsky is well-known also for the poem “Elegy (for Bill Evans 1929-1980)” composed for the legendary Bill Evans recording “You Must Believe in Spring” and printed on the sleeve of the vinyl album, 1981.

1. Afternoon (Luciano Troja) 5:37
2. Quando Il Vento E’ Cessato (Giancarlo Mazzù) 3:46
3. First Time (Luciano Troja) 5:16
4. Any Morning (Luciano Troja) 6:59
5. Manlight (Luciano Troja) 4:55
6. Lifetime (Giancarlo Mazzù) 7:26
7. Before The Wind (Luciano Troja) 7:27
8. Overcoming Obstacles (Giancarlo Mazzù) 4:55
9. Da Cuore A Cuore (Giancarlo Mazzù) 5:56
10. Stars Over Me (Giancarlo Mazzù) 5:26




16/03/2020 Amedeo Furfaro

Il pianoforte "si fa in duo" nel caso dell'album Any Morning (Slam) a cura del pianista Luciano Troja e del chitarrista Giancarlo Mazzù.
Il lavoro è ispirato da una poesia di Bill Zavatsky, poeta-pianista, composta e stampata in copertina a suo tempo su You Must Believe In Spring, disco di Bill Evans. Ma il pianismo esibito, è bene precisarlo, non è evansiano almeno nel senso comunemente inteso di questo aggettivo. E pur se riconducibile all'avanguardia nel fitto interplay con la chitarra (e anche qui si sfata il luogo comune secondo cui si tratterebbe di due strumenti abbastanza difficili da mettere insieme nel jazz) il gruppo duale si com/porta in modo conseguente ed originale, spostando spesso l'asse del discorso musicale da dissonanze monkiane a contrappunti bachiani, dallo swing al free, da armonie a dir poco consonanti a clusters ruvidi, mai ispidi, senza dare il tempo al suono di accomodarsi tanto è dinamico nel tempo e nello spazio e tanto si fonda su letture che vanno oltre la partitura, fino alla poesia ed al testo insito dietro le quinte delle note. Con dieci brani differenti l'un l'altro, come un nuovo risveglio mattutino: "When I do wake up ...".
Amedeo Furfaro http://www.corrieredelsud.it/nsite/societa-e-costume/29672-il-piano-trio-duo-solo-da-ferraiuolo-a-troja-alla-gemmo.html

The piano "is made in duo" in the case of the album Any Morning (Slam) by the pianist Luciano Troja and the guitarist Giancarlo Mazzù.
The work is inspired by a poem by Bill Zavatsky, poet-pianist, composed and printed on the cover of his time on You Must Believe In Spring, Bill Evans' album. But the pianism exhibited, it should be pointed out, is not evansian at least in the commonly understood sense of this adjective. And even if it can be traced back to the avant-garde in the dense interplay with the guitar (and even here the commonplace according to which it would be two instruments quite difficult to put together in jazz is dispelled) the dual group behaves in a consequent and original way, often moving the axis of musical discourse from Monkian dissonances to Bachian counterpoints, from swing to free, from harmonies to say the least consonants to rough clusters, never bristly, without giving time to sound to settle down so much it is dynamic in time and space and much is based on readings that go beyond the score, up to the poetry and the inherent text behind the scenes of the notes. With ten different tracks to each other, like a new morning awakening: "When I do wake up ...".


01/01/2020 Ken Cheetham

Mazzù and Troja are Sicilians who studied composition at the Conservatory of Messina and played together on the Italian jazz circuits. They search out new arrangements and languages in which to express their music, mixing jazz, classical, folk and free improvisation. Past recordings have seen these efforts, in large, applied to their interpretations of standards from the “Great” American Song Book; you know, collections from the likes of Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Oscar Hammerstein and so forth, ‘Second-hand Songs’ as I like to call them. It is hardly surprising that between them their major influences are named as Jim Hall, Barney Kessel and Bill Evans, though their broader gamut reveals a much more catholic background.

This new album is a little different, being a collection of ten originals. The mood is not especially different from the ‘Songbook’ era, the lessons rotating around elegance and nimbleness, while evoking reminiscences of amorousness, of melancholy. The playing is delicate, then we light upon Manlight – for Manlio Nicosia, a real swinger in which the players’ sensitivity to musicality leans more acutely to the genus that we know as jazz.

At the end of all we can claim that it is hardly surprising that the musicians here may wish to add to their lists of influences such names as Bach, Chopin, Coltrane, Davis, Debussy, Dolphy, Towner and Wheeler. So be it. Ken Cheetham https://www.jazzviews.net/giancarlo-mazzuluciano-troja---any-morning.html


12/12/2019 George W. Harris

Gorgeous interplay is achieved by the duet of pianist Luciano Troja and guitarist Giancarlo Mazzu on this collection of originals. Graceful etudes predominate, with wonderful swaying and intertwining on “Manlight” and the evocative “Stars Over Me.” Romantic moods are in abundance as the two gents create moods to woo on “Afternoon” and the fluid “Lifetime.” The two show how to swing as on the joyful dance of “Any Morning” and the fun stop-start pulse of the dramatic “Before The Wind.” Intelligent conversations.
George Harris http://www.jazzweekly.com/2019/12/giancarlo-mazzu-luciano-troja-any-morning/


09/12/2019 Stefano Dentice

Un climax rasserenante, riconciliante con lo spirito, nel quale vi è anche spazio per frangenti più movimentati che donano un tocco di maggiore verve comunicativa. Any Morning è la nuova fatica discografica data alla luce dal chitarrista Giancarlo Mazzù insieme al pianista Luciano Troja. I dieci brani originali presenti nel CD scaturiscono dalla fervida creatività compositiva di Troja e Mazzù. Afternoon (Luciano Troja) è una composizione immersa in un mood evocativo, melanconico. Qui i due musicisti dialogano appassionatamente, con trasporto emotivo, fervore interpretativo e sincerità espressiva. In Quando Il Vento È Cessato (Giancarlo Mazzù) si è coccolati da un senso di quietitudine interiore. Il playing del chitarrista e del pianista è sobrio, carezzevole, ispirato da uno spirito narrativo. Lo swingante Manlight – for Manlio Nicosia (Luciano Troja) è un brano spassoso. In questo caso i due protagonisti si esprimono attraverso un linguaggio più strettamente ancorato alla tradizione jazzistica, con gusto, brillante musicalità e senso melodico. Generato à metà strada fra modern jazz e contemporary jazz, Any Morning è un album diretto, genuino e generoso, senza fronzoli o elucubrazioni stilistiche talvolta tediose e stucchevoli. Un disco in cui, per scelta, i temi assumono un’importanza fondamentale, quasi come se rappresentassero l’apogeo dell’intero lavoro discografico. Stefano Dentice https://www.italiainjazz.it/il-jazz/novita-musicali/383-recensione-any-morning-di-giancarlo-mazzu-e-luciano-troja
A reassuring climax, reconciling with the spirit, in which there is also space for more eventful situations that give a touch of greater communicative verve. Any Morning is the new recording effort brought to light by guitarist Giancarlo Mazzù together with pianist Luciano Troja. The ten original tracks on the CD spring from the fervent compositional creativity of Troja and Mazzù. Afternoon (Luciano Troja) is a composition immersed in an evocative, melancholic mood. Here the two musicians converse passionately, with emotional transport, interpretive fervor and expressive sincerity. In When The Wind Is Ceased (Giancarlo Mazzù) you are pampered by a sense of inner quietness. The playing of the guitarist and pianist is sober, caressing, inspired by a narrative spirit. The swinging Manlight - for Manlio Nicosia (Luciano Troja) is a fun song. In this case the two protagonists express themselves through a language more closely anchored to the jazz tradition, with taste, brilliant musicality and melodic sense. Generated halfway between modern jazz and contemporary jazz, Any Morning is a direct, genuine and generous album, with no frills or sometimes tedious and cloying stylistic reflections. A disc in which, by choice, the themes take on fundamental importance, almost as if they represented the apogee of the entire record work. Stefano Dentice https://www.italiainjazz.it/il-jazz/novita-musicali/383-recensione-any-morning-di-giancarlo-mazzu-e-luciano-troja


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