Waiting for Injection

Artist: Clockwork Groove

Date of Release: 12/01/2015

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Label: SLAM


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ClockWork Groove

Alessia Serina Pinto: Soprano and Tenor Sax
Ferdinando D’Urso: Alto and Baritone Sax, Piano
Marco Pometti: Guitars
Davide Giovanni Pometti: Double Bass and Electric Bass
Luigi Perticone: Drums

Clockwork Groove is the name of the quintet founded by the bassist and composer Davide Giovanni Pometti in 2012 with saxophonists Alessia Serina Pinto and Ferdinando D’Urso, guitarist Marco Pometti and drummer Luigi Perticone. “Waiting for Injection” is their first work as a group.
The music recorded in this album by Clockwork Groove contains several elements derived from many kinds of music: it is possible to find jazz-rock, fusion, ingredients taken from the A.A.C.M.’s music (especially from the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s compositions) and from the style of Frank Zappa together with a pinch of western art music and other contemporary delicacies.
Today’s mainstream jazz is often just a regurgitation of bebop or hardbop; the intent of this band is to propose something different to shake the collective perception as a psychoactive drug or an electroshock. “Waiting for Injection” is a fantasy medicine created by Clockwork Groove to cure contemporary jazz and to give it a new youth.
All the pieces contained in this album are composed and arranged by Davide Giovanni Pometti, except for Ginestra, written and arranged by Ferdinando D’Urso.




17/08/2015 Jason Bivins

The Clockwork Groove disc (2) similarly tries for balance among multiple elements, but it’s telling different stories. You get this sense from the very start, in a mélange of spacy echo, cymbal washes, digital delay guitar, and vocalic sax lines. It’s a nice mix that aims for musical direct hits in a lot of ways, punchy without compromising an overall sensitivity. Hear it come together on tunes like “Tempi Disparati” and “Turbolenze,” where the bassist and the drummer provide a supple, grooving architecture that gives the others loads of room to color (perhaps this general shape of the music owes something to the fact that the bassist composed all but two of these pieces). Many of the solos are processed and this gives the music a sometimes electronic wash that not all listeners may care for (I dug it). And in this general interplay between textural variety and bustling groove, they touch down in a number of different places, from the light semi-tango “Giochi Sonori” (nice soprano and guitar work that’s vaguely insouciant in ways that recall both Breuker and Dato), almost EDM on “Turbolenze, or the crunchy rock of “Texas Groove.” And while there’s sometimes something just a bit tame and understated about the playing (you get the sense that it could be outrageous fun in a live, not a studio setting), it’s hard to deny that much of it works quite well, like the galumphing but spacey “Il Funambolo” (which sort of recalls Human Feel) and the Meters-via-Scofield closer. Jason Bivins Cadence Oct 2015. file:///C:/Users/me/Downloads/74-120%20the%20reviews.pdf


05/03/2015 George W. Harris

Most cohesive of all is the band Clockwork Groove which consists of Alessia Seria Pinto/ts-ss, Ferdinando D’Urso/as-bs-p, Marco Pometti/g, Davide Giovanni Pometti/b and Luigi Pertocone/dr. All of the tubes are cohesive and coherent, filled with warm moments of lyricism. A New Orleanish funky grooves provides cheer on “ Dave Blues Bass Groove” while a boogie blues gets rocking with Pometti’s guitar on “Texas Groove.” Lovely acoustic guitar floats with baroque reeds on “The Black Waltz” and some plaintive piano flows on “Turbolenze” The two saxes hover like cumulous clouds on “Cupido” and “Ginestra” while some electronic wizardry veers in and out of some of the tunes like a cameo actor. Well played!
by George W. Harris Jazz Weekly, March 19, 2015


09/02/2015 Ken Cheetham

Waiting for Injection is the first group-work of ClockWork Groove. Although each of the musicians is well known throughout Italy, particularly Sicily, they are not especially known, widely, elsewhere and the group did not come together until 2012. Ferdinando D’Urso is known to us through the trio, I Giganti della Montagna, whose album L'Arsenale delle Apparizioni was reviewed here in 2014. Although that album was very much written around Sicilian 'folk' themes, within contemporary jazz and 20th century classical structures, this music is very different. Essentially, the band is electric jazz/rock, more or less defined by the guitars and by the electric bass of Davide Giovanni Pometti, who also wrote and arranged all of the music except track 6, Ginestra, by saxophonist Ferdinando D’Urso.

Whilst it is true that the electric jazz/rock is prominent, Ginestra echoes Sicilian folk sounds and elsewhere Klezmer swings in empathy. The structures are not at all simplistic and individual musicians are quite resourceful in their interpretations of fusion and jazz-rock influences.

Saxophonist Alessia Serina Pinto appeared regularly as a member of Charlie's Angels, an all-female, violin-led septet, appearing since 2006 all over Sicily and Sardinia and on local television channels. Davide Giovanni Pometti teaches electric bass and ensemble playing, appearing with groups of different leanings including jazz orchestra and 'Soul Blues', in Catania.

The album suggests to me a certain disquiet with the notion of the reiteration of themes and patterns from the bop era styles of jazz or even more modern genres, but does not exhibit enough strength of conviction to avoid leaning on other sources such as rock, folk and even pop, in the attempt to move forward. It may be of course that the directions chosen are due to the influences of those sources on individual composers and players. It seems therefore that the attempt has failed and that this is not much more than reiteration of those influences, no matter how well played.

Reviewed by Ken Cheetham, Jazz Views


05/01/2015 Bruce Lee Gallanter

CLOCKWORK GROOVE - Waiting for Injection (Slam 560; UK) Italian quintet
Clockwork Groove features Alessia Serina Pianto on soprano & tenor sax,
Ferdinando D'Urso on alto & bari saxes & piano, Marco Pometti on electric &
acoustic guitars, Davide Giovanni Pometti on basses and Luigi Perticone on
drums. Once again Slam provides with another fine Italian band with no well
known names. Mr. D'Urso is the only player here who has appeared on a previous
Slam CD. This is an electric jazz/rock quintet and all but one of the songs were
written by Mr. Pometti, their bassist. What is interesting about this band is
that they sound more refined yet the crafty arrangements are often more complex
than they seem at first. While the bass is often at the center of many of these
tunes, it is saxes and/or guitar who play the quietly quirky arrangements. There
are a few pieces that get close to the better side of fusion with some inventive
guitar and sax work. ClockWork Groove seem to be balancing several different
approaches to electric jazz from the more calm side to the unexpected changes in
direction midstream. Not so easy to pin down. - BLG


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