Of Strings and Bridges

Artist: Mu

Date of Release: 23/09/2016

Catalogue no: SLAMCD 577

Label: SLAM

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Adriano Lanzi - amplified acoustic guitar, effects
Federica Vecchio – cello

“MU” started to explore the interaction of cello and guitar in 2015, keeping the instruments in their most naked and purely acoustic dimension. A very minimal use of electronics became part of the game along the way. Their music is equally shaped by free improvisation and by compositional process (the latter in various degrees of strictness and openness), so they draw from their different musical idioms and backgrounds and revisit them with a freshness and freedom that would not be possible otherwise.

1) Cicero pro domo sua (Lanzi) 5’01”
2) Il primissimo kiwi (Lanzi) 3’18”
3) Dobbs (Lanzi – Vecchio) 6’26” (improvisation)
4) The return of the transparent giant space squid from the sixth dimension (Lanzi) 3’44”
5) Giochi ritmici contro i tipi da spiaggia (Lanzi) 4’42”
6) The fall of the house of Usher (Lanzi – Vecchio) 1’58’’ (improvisation)
7) Usanza continentale (Lanzi) 3’10”
8) Baby Blue (Lanzi – Vecchio) 2’33” (improvisation)
9) Poliedri (Lanzi) 4’48”
10) Medusa (Lanzi – Vecchio) 2’00” (improvisation)
11) Love in outer space (Sun Ra) 5’49”

Recorded, mixed and mastered in KiwiStudio, Rome, spring 2015 to spring 2016, by Adriano Lanzi.




05/10/2016 Vittore Baroni

“ MU is a recently formed acoustic duo consisting of Adriano Lanzi, roman guitar player who’s been active in a number of projects (among them the rock-jazz band El Topo and the electroacoustic trio K-Mundi), and Federica Vecchio, cellist who’s been a member of Symphonica Nova Ars Orchestra and the post rock band ET//AL . Recorded for the British SLAM, a label which specializes in contemporary jazz, the album alternates - and more importantly blends coherently - improvised and written parts, the latter composed by Lanzi in a cultivated, intimist idiom that brings to mind, even in the imagery of some titles, the lyrical vein of John Fahey, and some of the out-of-the-box creativity of such guitarists as Frith or Ribot, always putting invention before virtuosity. As the two instruments chase each other, and as the mood of the improvised, surprising rhythmic tricks affect the the pensive, refined composed moments and vice versa, a minimalistic map of an imaginary landscape is drawn, finding an apt conclusion in a languorous version of Sun Ra’s Love in Outer Space. “ (Vittore Baroni)


04/10/2016 Vittorio Lo Conte

I due musicisti dietro Mu sono Adriano Lanzi alla chitarra acustica amplificata e Federica Vecchio al violoncello. Come si può leggere dal loro sito hanno dato dei concerti, hanno avuto modo di approfondire la collaborazione e l’interazione fra gli strumenti. Gli strumenti sono tenuti nella loro dimensione acustica, c’è soltanto qualcosa di elettronico in alcuni brani, dei riverberi per dare più corpo alla musica. Alcuni brani sono delle composizioni, altri invece delle improvvisazioni estemporanee, l’ultimo brano in scaletta è Love in Outer Space di Sun Ra, eseguito restando fedeli al tema, un’esecuzione di un brano di uno dei protagonisti dell’avanguardia che diventa piuttosto accessibile al grosso pubblico. I due musicisti hanno già praticato altri tipi di musiche, lui fra l’altro anche del rock, lei con un quartetto d’archi. Trovano un’intesa comune, delle idee che si realizzano in studio da un momento all’altro. La musica è un dialogo in divenire, di note che scoprono di essere fatte l’una per l’altra e si incastrano perfettamente nello svolgimento dei brani, spesso tenuti di breve durata. A volte la musica sembra provenire dall’oriente, come su Il primissimo kiwi e quasi dà effetti psichedelici all’ascoltatore. The Return of the Transparent Giant Space Squid from the Sixth Dimension propone suoni più avanguardistici, qualche piccolo accenno di rock e momenti di suspance. Si ritorna ad atmosfer più consuete su Giochi ritmici contro i tipi da spiaggia e si ritorna su atmosfere ricche di mistero su The Fall of the House of Usher. I due trovano sempre qualcosa su cui esprimersi, tangenziali a quello che è l’uso consueto del loro strumento. Vittorio lo Conte http://www.musiczoom.it/?p=26719#.V_PdCOArLct

The two musicians are behind Mu Adriano Lanzi to amplified acoustic guitar and Federica Old cello. As you can see from their website they gave concerts, they have got to strengthen collaboration and interaction between instruments. The tools are kept in their acoustic dimension, there is just something electronic in some songs, the reverberations to give more body to the music. Some songs are the compositions, others extemporaneous improvisations, the last track in the lineup is Love in Outer Space Sun Ra, performed while remaining faithful to the theme, a performance of a piece by one of the avant-garde becomes pretty affordable to the general public. The two musicians have already practiced other types of music, he among other rock, she with a string quartet. They find a common understanding, the ideas that are realized in the study at any moment. Music is a dialogue in the making, notes that discover they have made for one another and fit perfectly in the performance of the songs, often kept short. Sometimes the music seems to come from the east, like on the very first kiwi and almost psychedelic effects gives the listener. The Return of the Space Transparent Giant Squid from the Sixth Dimension offers the most avant-garde sounds, some small hint of rock and moments of suspense. You return to more usual atmosfer of rhythmic games against types from the beach and return of rich atmosphere of mystery in The Fall of the House of Usher. The two always find something to express, tangential to what is the usual use of their instrument.


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