Artist: Anatma

Date of Release: 27/10/2017

Catalogue no: SLAMCD 586

Label: SLAM

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ANATMA: Rohan Dasgupta (Sitar), Luigi Di Chiappari (Piano), Riccardo Di Fiandra (Ac. Bass), Daniele Di Pentima (Drums).

The Sanskrit word Anatma means "non-self". This doctrine is the banner of this band, where each component brings his own expressive and musical contribution to the whole creative flow, without ever connotating himself in a soloist way.

All begins in 2015 when Daniele Di Pentima (drums) goes to Kolkata fascinated by the Indian musical culture and the rhythmical intricacies of tabla playing, where he meets Rohan Dasgupta (sitar).
On this occasion, they find many common interests towards arts and a common sensitive way to feel the musical aesthetic.
Daniele leaves India with a huge baggage of new motivations and ideas. In the meantime, he tries to project a way to combine Indian classical music with jazz, without subordinating one to the other and vice-versa.
The first attempt of this project was on the occasion of Daniele's conservatory graduation, where he played supported by Riccardo Di Fiandra (bass) and Luigi Di Chiappari (piano) a few tunes picked from both Indian and jazz tradition, and where he exposed to the commission his thesis on how to blend this two different approaches to improvisation.
The occasion to substantiate in the proper way these studies and works, comes in 2016 when Rohan goes in Europe. Quickly, Daniele decides to book a recording studio in Rome and include Riccardo Di Fiandra and Luigi Di Chiappari in this project. The great interplay and friendship of the jazz trio allow Rohan to fit comfortably in a totally new musical world, where he feels free an inspring freedom of expression.
The starting idea of the recording was to play on a particular Hindustani raga named "Lalit".
Raga Lalit is a quite common raga in Indian Classical music: its time of playing refers to the very late night.
After recording Raga Lalit, Daniele proposes a tune set on the same raga dedicated to the ragmala painting "Lalita". From now on all the remaining recordings are totally improvised in the recording studio without even organize on which raga or scale play on. The results are "Kolkatay stomp" inspired by a bass riff, "Bengal" a sweet ballad dedicated to this enchanting Indian region, "Lacrimosa", a thought to Paul Bley, and "Raga Zila Kafi" the last, where the band decides to play on a Dorian scale, incorporating a Kaoss Pad to simulate the classical Indian Tampura.




23/07/2018 Vittorio Lo Conte

L’incontro tra il musicista indiano Rohandas Gupta,sitar, ed il batterista Daniele Di Pentima è avvenuto a Calcutta durante un viaggio di quest’ultimo alla scoperta dei suoni e dei ritmi di quella musica così lontana da quella occidentale. Da lì è nata l’idea di realizzare un progetto insieme, in Italia, che ha coinvolto Luigi Di Chiappari al pianoforte e Riccardo di Fiandra al contrabbasso. La fusione di jazz e musica indiana non è assolutamente nuova, ci sono progetti contemporanei come quelli del sassofonista Rudresh Mahantappa insieme ad altri storici, come quelli del sassofonista contralto inglese di origine giamaicana Joe Harriott e del collega’americano John Handy. Qui si realizza tuttavia qualcosa di nuovo, il sitar insieme ad un trio con pianoforte. È un incontro, come si evince dalla formazione, molto speciale, in cui le folate di note swinganti del pianoforte insieme ad una ritmica molto empatica incontrano l’ospite senza che le idee collidano, anzi, c’è una comunità di intenti lodevole che fa sì che il disco si rivela come un’occasione riuscita, dai suoni esotici ma certamente ispirati. Si è partiti con l’idea di incidere due raga, Raga Lalit e Lalita, per il resto si è scelto di improvvisare in studio, trovando un’intesa testimone di un momento magico fra i musicisti. Il disco apre con una breve dedica a Paul Bley, poi ci si lascia coinvolgere da queste sonorità così speciali di quello che diventa un possibile jazz indo-italiano al di fuori delle consuete norme. Da ascoltare, specie nelle ore notturne.
The meeting between the Indian musician Rohandas Gupta, sitar, and the drummer Daniele Di Pentima took place in Calcutta during a journey of the latter to discover the sounds and rhythms of that music so far from the West. From there the idea was born to realize a project together, in Italy, that involved Luigi Di Chiappari at the piano and Riccardo di Fiandra at the double bass. The fusion of jazz and Indian music is not new, there are contemporary projects such as those of the saxophonist Rudresh Mahantappa along with other historians, such as those of the English alto saxophonist of Jamaican origin Joe Harriott and American colleague John Handy. Here, however, something new is achieved, the sitar together with a trio with piano. It is an encounter, as we can see from the very special training, in which the gusts of piano swinging notes together with a very empathetic rhythm meet the guest without the ideas colliding, indeed, there is a commendable community of intent that makes so that the disc reveals itself as a successful opportunity, with exotic but certainly inspired sounds. We started with the idea of recording two ragas, Raga Lalit and Lalita, for the rest we chose to improvise in the studio, finding an intimate witness of a magical moment among the musicians. The album opens with a brief dedication to Paul Bley, then we get involved by these sounds so special that what becomes a possible Indo-Italian jazz outside the usual rules. To listen, especially at night.
Vittorio lo Conte http://www.musiczoom.it/?p=29655#.W2V1yvlKjct


01/11/2017 George W. Harris

Anatma consists of sitarist Rohan Dasgupta, pianist Luigi Di Chiappari, bassist Riccardo Di Fiandra and drummer Daniele Di Pentima for pieces that are all claimed to be “spontaneous” but gratefully avoid the usually associated cacophony. There is one long 27 minute jam, “Raga Lalit” which includes free association with piano a drums along with a pulating sitar, while “Lalita” has a rich bluesy hue with clever sitar tunings. Di Chiappari is featured on the lonely and lovely “Lacrimosa” while the pics “Raga Zila Kafi” and “Kolkatay Stomp” feature gentle rivulets along with changing landscapes, withpiano and sitar weaving ni and out of the intoxicating cadences. Fragrant. George W. Harris http://www.jazzweekly.com/2017/10/jam-with-slamlucia-ianniello-live-at-acuto-jazz-anatma-anatma-glowering-figs-glowering-figs/


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