Albany Park

Artist: Jimmy Bennington

Date of Release: 20/04/2018

Catalogue no: SLAMCD587

Label: SLAM

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jimmy bennington / steve cohn
albany park

recorded: april 27, 2013 as part of the colour and sound house concert series, chicago.
mastered at: george belle studios, june 13, 2017, chicago.
jimmy bennington- drums, arr.
steve cohn- piano, vocals, *shakuhachi
**a note about track #3:
'Cut Down' was written in the 90's for a large Dance Company in Japan. The theme was "Kaze" which means wind. But because of my involvement as the commissioned composer and my work on shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute),"Bamboo" also became a theme. Maybe it was the wind blowing through the bamboo Groves. This melody was reflective of the destruction of these Groves for deforestation. To bring forward the feeling of loss and the need to protect. (SC)

This Recording is Dedicated to Karina, with Special Thanks to our Hosts Chad and Celia Bergman




01/11/2018 Ken Cheetham

This concert recording originated with the 2013 performance for the Colour and Sound House series. Bennington studied with the masterful Elvin Jones, post-bop drummer with the John Coltrane quartet from 1960 to 1966 and with whom he often played protracted duos. Bennington moved on to his ownavant musical ventures and won the accolade for Best Album of the Year 2014, ranked by Down Beat magazine.

"Once mentored by Elvin Jones, Chicago-based drummer Jimmy Bennington celebrates over a quarter of a century in the music field. Bennington's unique sound and loose drumming, which doesn't follow traditional rhythmic patterns... leaves quite a bit of room to freedom." (Down Beat Magazine)

Steve Cohn is also highly thought of in the avant-garde and for his extensive knowledge of culture and history. He has played and/or recorded with such artists as Fred Hopkins, Oliver Lake, William Parker, Sonny Simmons and Reggie Workman.

The album is a close-knit dialogue between piano and drums, studying new approaches to a variety of interests as broad as Nepalese folk music, Japanese dance and theatre and classical American jazz. This latter sees a new approach to the Miles Davis classic, ‘Blue in Green’, from the 1959 modal album Kind of Blue. Bennington plays solo drums for about a minute before Cohn enters quietly with the signature leitmotif. The track proceeds and as it reaches completion the notion of modality seems to have been buried.

Throughout the concert, Bennington’s drumming seems to be a rejoinder to the squiggling of the piano’s keys though each of them clearly demands as much from the other as they themselves are prepared to give. It is exquisite.

Reviewed by Ken Cheetham http://www.jazzviews.net/bennington-cohn-ndash-albany-park.html


21/05/2018 Vittorio Lo Conte

Nell’ambito del Color and Sound House Concert Series a Chicago è nata questa registrazione fra il batterista Jimmy Bennington ed il pianista Steve Cohn che risale al 2013, masterizzata l’anno scorso e ora pubblicata. Il batterista a studiato a lungo con Elvin Jones di cui ne è stato anche il manager per i concerti in Europa a partire dall’anno 2000, poi ha ricominciato a suonare con progetti propri ottenendo anche il successo della critica per il miglior album del 2014 nella classifica di Down Beat, la famosa rivista americana. Anche il pianista è un musicista conosciuto nell’ambito dell’avanguardia e del mainstream, anche lui con una grande conoscenza della tradizione jazzistica. Il concerto, sui cinquanta minuti di durata, comincia con la lunga Nepalese Suite in cui i due cercano un approccio alla musica folklorica di quel paese. È un dialogo serrato, come tutto il disco, in cui si cercano nuovi percorsi per il duo piano e batteria. A seguire un famoso standard di Miles Davis, Blue in Green, introdotto dalla batteria in solo di Bennington per un minuto, poi arriva il pianoforte ad eseguire delicatamente il tema. È un modo tutto speciale quello di ridarci questo famoso brano che diventa un’esecuzione dall’aspetto romantico in cui la batteria svolge un ruolo che porta un elemento di sopresa, nel corso dell’esecuzione resta ben poco delle atmosfere modali dell’originale e si va anche verso momenti più liberi e free. Cut Down è di Cohn ed è stato scritto negli anni ’90 per una compagnia di danza in Giappone. C’è molta libertà nell’esecuzione, che vuole evocare l’importanza delle foreste di bambù per l’ecosistema e la loro distruzione. Quiet Now è di Denny Zeitlin, una ballad eseguita con molto feeling, tuttavia fuori dai canoni per come entrambi la eseguono. Chiude A Time When I Can Get Back to You, di Cohn, un brano che sta decisamente dalle parti dell’avanguardia in cui Cohn canticchia alla Keith Jarrett. Un disco insolito tratto da un concerto che vale la pena riascoltare.
Vittorio Lo Conte, http://www.musiczoom.it/?p=29073#.WsKO6Hrwbct

Google translate
In the context of the Color and Sound House Concert Series in Chicago this recording was born between the drummer Jimmy Bennington and the pianist Steve Cohn that dates back to 2013, mastered last year and now published. The drummer studied for a long time with Elvin Jones, who was also the manager for concerts in Europe since 2000, then he started playing with his own projects getting also the success of the critics for the best album of 2014 in the ranking of Down Beat, the famous American magazine. Even the pianist is a musician known in the avant-garde and the mainstream, also with a great knowledge of jazz tradition. The concert, about fifty minutes in length, begins with the long Nepalese Suite in which the two seek an approach to folk music of that country. It is a close dialogue, like the whole record, in which new paths are sought for the two-story piano and drums. Following a famous Miles Davis standard, Blue in Green, introduced by Bennington's solo battery for a minute, then the piano comes to gently perform the theme. It is a very special way to give us this famous piece that becomes an execution with a romantic aspect in which the drum plays a role that brings an element of surprise, during the execution little remains of the modal atmospheres of the original. it also goes towards more free and free moments. Cut Down is from Cohn and was written in the 1990s for a dance company in Japan. There is a lot of freedom in the execution, which wants to evoke the importance of bamboo forests for the ecosystem and their destruction. Quiet Now is by Denny Zeitlin, a ballad performed with a lot of feeling, but out of the rules for how they both perform it. Closes A Time When I Can Get Back to You, by Cohn, a song that is definitely from the avant-garde where Cohn hums to Keith Jarrett. An unusual record taken from a concert that is worth listening to again.


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