Date of Release: 26/10/2018

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Roberto Bellatalla – Double bass & bells
Ivan Macera - Drums & percussions
Christian Muela - Didjeridoo & FX live set

1. Dreamtime story - 4:22
2. Chasing walkabout - 5:18
3. Ancient souls in the traffic - 2:49
4. Itchy grooves in city - 7:38
5. Breath, thrill and wet melody - 1:53
6. Voices of primitive technologies - 8:16

The Rome based trio Primitive Field, began life as a duo, with Christian Muela and Ivan Macer; bassist Roberto Bellatalla joined a couple of years ago to form the trio it is today. Since then they have performed extensively in clubs in and out of Rome and in March 2017 they recorded this album in Groovefarm Studio, Rome.

The trio makes use of traditional instruments like drum kit and a double bass, along with other more unusual devices like a telescopic tuneable didgeridoo, at times modified by the use of electronic devices, and a percussion set made out of stones and metal tools tuned to form xylophones, or shakers made with dried leaves and shells.
The music is entirely improvised, based on the ability to listen and a fervent creative vein. It stems from jazz, but moves further, in search of an original, different language that explores sound and tone.
To the trio every concert is an engaging journey into the unknown.




01/07/2019 Chris Baber

This trio specialises in using traditional instruments in the context of free improvisation. As you might expect from the choice of didgeridoo as the focal instrument, this set involves the development of drones that are layered on top of a scuttling percussion. As the pieces develop, the drums set up a beat that syncopates the bass and drones, as in ‘Ancient souls in the traffic’ (track 3). On the introduction to ‘Itchy grooves in the city’, track 4, a circular breathing pulse builds the tones into an insistent drive that the percussion and drums pick up and run with. The live recording seems to have the bass quite low in the mix although its main role is to provide arco support to the developing drones, as well as focussing on adding to the rhythmic layers. The use of effects, particularly on track like 'Breath, thrill and wet melody' (track 5) often creates sounds that seem to come from insects and animals in a forest.

The track titles, with their references to dream time and walkabout reflect the origins of the didgeridoo but the music retains a very contemporary edge without attempting to recreate or appropriate the musical traditions of the instrument. As such, this is modern context for an ancient instrument that creates moody and atmospheric music.

Reviewed by Chris Baber https://www.jazzviews.net/primitive-field---alcheringa.html


10/12/2018 Vittorio Lo Conte

Il trio che si è dato il nome di Primitive Field è costituito da Christian Muela al didgeridoo e FX Live set, Roberto Bellatalla al contrabbasso ed alle campane e Ivan Macera alla batteria e percussioni. I tre sono attivi a Roma ed hanno trovato un terreno in comune nonostante provengono da esperienze musicali diverse. Bellatalla è stato fra i protagonisti della prima ora del free italiano con il compianto Mario Schiano, successivamente è stato attivo in Olanda e a Londra, qui ha spesso collaborato con i musicisti sudafricani lí residenti, prima di rientrare in Italia dove ha spesso lavorato con dei danzatori. Il più giovano Muela lavora in diversi campi musicali, dal free di questo trio a generi più legati alla danza. Da tempo suona un didgeridoo telescopico e accordabile di cui modifica il suono attraverso degli aggeggi elettronici. Anche il batterista Ivan Macera suona un set di percussioni speciale fatto di petre e metalli per formare uno xylofono oltre ad altri strumenti che danno un colore particolare alla sua performance. Il titolo del disco, Alcheringa è preso dalla lingua degli aborigini australiani (inventori del didgeridoo) e vuol dire tempo del sogno, che per loro è l’epoca antecedente alla creazione del mondo. La musica dei tre è completamente improvvisata e ricca di energia, un set che dura trenta minuti divisi in sei brani, tutti compatti e ispirati. Quel che conta è l’energia, il suono terrestre del didgeridoo, la carica propulsiva della ritmica, alla ricerca di qualcosa di nuovo andando a prendere gli aspetti musicali più diversi senza fermarsi davanti ad idee nuove.
Vittorio Lo Conte, http://www.musiczoom.it/?p=30116#.XCCwX_n7Tct
The trio that has given itself the name of Primitive Field consists of Christian Muela at the didgeridoo and FX Live set, Roberto Bellatalla at the double bass and at the bells and Ivan Macera on drums and percussion. The three are active in Rome and have found a common ground despite coming from different musical experiences. Bellatalla was among the protagonists of the first hour of free Italian with the late Mario Schiano, then he was active in Holland and London, here he often collaborated with South African musicians there, before returning to Italy where he often worked with dancers . The more youthful Muela works in different musical fields, from the free of this trio to more dance-related genres. For some time he has been playing a telescope and tunable didgeridoo whose sound he modifies through electronic gadgets. Drummer Ivan Macera also plays a special percussion set made of petre and metals to form a xylophone as well as other instruments that give a special color to his performance. The title of the album, Alcheringa is taken from the language of the Australian aborigines (inventors of the didgeridoo) and means the time of the dream, which for them is the age before the creation of the world. The music of the three is completely improvised and full of energy, a set that lasts thirty minutes divided into six tracks, all compact and inspired. What matters is the energy, the terrestrial sound of the didgeridoo, the propulsive charge of the rhythm, in search of something new going to take the most different musical aspects without stopping before new ideas.


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