Artist: Locked Quartet

Date of Release: 28/02/2020

Catalogue no: SLAMCD 2110

Label: SLAM

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Although The Hermon Chapel was originally a Welsh speaking chapel it is actually just on the English side of the border. Since 2009 the 19th century chapel has presented an ambitious and progressive programme as a successful arts centre.
Ed Gauden and Barry Edwards previously appeared on SLAMCD 2103 “Hymn for Robots” as members of ‘UNschooLED’, Bruce Coates appeared with Paul Dunmall on ‘Six of One’ (SLAMCD 2102).

Track 1 Locked up 11:18
Track 2 Locked in 21:15
Track 3 Locked out 02:17
Track 4 Locked jaw 14:04
Track 5 Locked on 16:35
Track 6 Locked down 5:38




13/04/2020 Ken Cheetham

SLAM Productions has a habit of more than excelling in its selection and provision of outstanding music, especially in the free improvisation/free jazz arenas. This album is one such – an absolute delight. The four musicians are definitely ‘as one’ together. Their music seems always to be developing genetically, yet spontaneously, happening in a continuous, natural manner.
Saxophonist Bruce Coates has performed and recorded with some first-class, free-improvising musicians such as Lol Coxhill and Paul Dunmall; indeed, there are some phrases in his soprano playing which echo the sound of the former.
Bassist Trevor Lines has worked variously with Coates for some thirty years. He switched from folk and experimental rock to double-bass and jazz and improvised music and co-founded the Birmingham Musicians Co-operative and Fizzle, both promoting free improvisation.
Guitarist Barry Edwards works in the fields of jazz and improvised music. He, too, has performed and recorded with Paul Dunmall. He seems to be the trigger which prompts the quartet to step aside from its routine and into unfamiliar, untested areas. His playing is unreservedly fluent, helped along by his intriguing multiplicity of resonances.
Drummer Ed Gauden progressed to jazz drumming at Birmingham Conservatoire where he met up with Barry Edwards and other jazz improvisers. He performed at Cheltenham at just 19 and regularly plays with Edwards.
Barry Edwards also runs the venue where this CD was recorded, Hermon Chapel Arts Centre in Oswestry, Shropshire. It was formerly a chapel, now converted to an Arts Centre, which accommodates live music, visual arts, literature events and workshops, et al. His role is shared with Claudia Lis, ceramicist and budding alto player.
There is some very strong playing in parts, especially from the tenor/drums’ duets and again from the sax/guitar combinations – listen out for these. Once submerged into this intricate free-improv, I found an intriguing forest of exquisite sounds and rhythms, all inviting me to listen even more closely. That’s not difficult at all. Ken Cheetham https://www.jazzviews.net/bruce-coates---locked.html


09/04/2020 George W. Harris

Bruce Coates plays tenor and soprano sax, Barry Edwards is on electric guitar, Tervor Lines takes on the bass and Ed Gauden sticks to drums on six pieces with the word “Locked” in them. Coates gives a rich aria on soprano for “Locked Jaw” and trudges with the team on “Locked Down” with his pitch in the high octane level with Gauden driving things loosely on the flailing “Locked Up”. Edwards’ guitar is angular for “locked On” creating effects with Coates’ tenor for “Locked Out” and the team stretching out for all kinds of exotic moods on the 21 minute “Locked In”. Intuitive concepts. George Harris Jazz Weekly 9/4/20 https://www.jazzweekly.com/2020/04/grand-slamhoward-riley-more-listening-more-hearing-perlin-nose-john-eats-bacon-with-francis-in-the-cage-locked-locked/


20/02/2020 Bruce Lee Gallanter

LOCKED with BRUCE COATES / BARRY EDWARDS / TREVOR LINES / ED GAUDEN - Locked (Slam 5526; UK) Featuring Bruce Coates on soprano, sopranino, alto or tenor saxes, Barry Edwards on guitar, Trevor Lines on bass and Ed Gauden on drums. Thanks to Paul Dunmall and labels like Slam, the UK underground avant/jazz scene continues to be documented for those who still care about creative music. Mr. Coates can be heard on nearly 10 discs with Mr. Dunmall, as well as a few other more obscure characters like Han-Earl Park. Guitarist Barry Edwards and drummer Ed Gauden are also members of the Crux Trio, as well as having a few out on the FMR label. This disc was recorded live at Hermon Chapel in Oswestry in April of 2019. All of the song titles here have the word “Locked” in them, which I find odd since the sound/vibe here is pretty free, flowing and dream-like at times. Both Mr. Coates’ soprano sax and Mr. Gauden’s drums are often sailing together with bowed bass interwoven in places, at least for the first long track. Things slow down a bit for the second track with Mr. Coates playing what sounds like tenor sax. This is another long track which features some strong tenor from Coates plus strong backing from the modest rhythm team especially the inspired mallet work by Mr. Gauden. For “Locked Out”, all four members of the quartet, working well together, listening, reacting and building quite nicely. Guitarist Barry Edwards rubs the strings softly with an object, tapping on the strings carefully, nearly getting noisy at times while the skeletal drums, somber bowed bass and slightly bent Lol Coxhill-like soprano sax float on top. It takes a while but I can hear how well the sax and guitar work well together, creating similar sonic textures which are tightly interwoven as they evolve higher and further out. Another win for the Slam label. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG February 2020


10/02/2020 Vittorio Lo Conte

Vale la pena dare un ascolto a questo quartetto inglese, Bruce Coates ai sassofoni tenore e soprano, Barry Edwards chitarra, Trevor Lines contrabbasso e Ed Gauden alla batteria, qui registrati dal vivo alla The Hermon Chapel, Oswestry, il 18 April 2019. La musica è completamente improvvisata ma i quattro hanno l’esperienza per gestire la situazione e sviluppare situazioni sempre nuove. Coates inizia al sax soprano e come un Evan Parker tira fuori suoni inconsueti dal suo strumento. Non ci sono momenti a vuoto, il pubblico viene continuamente coinvolto in paesaggi sonori sempre diversi, sia per i ritmi che per le invenzioni al sassofono di Coates, proprio straordinario per quello che sa fare. La ritmica si adegua e tira fuori i tipici suoni dell’avanguardia, di un Barry Guy ad esempio. Su Locked On appare la chitarra elettrica a fare da partner per il sassofonista, coinvolgendolo in una situazione che appare sempre più complessa nota dopo nota. È una musica che sfiora la genialità, specie nei momenti in cui si aggiunge la chitarra, un elemento che porta ventate di note elettriche con cui bisogna confrontarsi. Per chi non conosce la musica improvvisata fatta in Inghilterra si tratta di un’ottima incisione per farne la conoscenza, per gli altri invece sono da apprezzare l’ispirazione del sassofonista e l’improvvisazione collettiva in trio ed in quartetto che si srotola coinvolgente dall’inizio alla fine. Vittorio Lo Conte http://www.musiczoom.it/?p=31471#.XkUrqmj7S1t
Google translate:
It is worth listening to this English quartet, Bruce Coates to the tenor and soprano saxophones, Barry Edwards guitar, Trevor Lines double bass and Ed Gauden on drums, recorded here live at The Hermon Chapel, Oswestry, on April 18th 2019. it is completely improvised but the four have the experience to manage the situation and develop new situations. Coates starts on the soprano sax and like an Evan Parker he pulls out unusual sounds from his instrument. There are no empty moments, the public is constantly involved in ever-changing soundscapes, both for the rhythms and for the inventions of Coates's saxophone, just extraordinary for what he can do. The rhythm adapts and brings out the typical sounds of the avant-garde, of a Barry Guy for example. On Locked On the electric guitar appears to act as a partner for the saxophonist, involving him in a situation that appears increasingly complex note after note. It is a music that touches the genius, especially in the moments when the guitar is added, an element that brings breaths of electric notes with which you have to deal. For those unfamiliar with improvised music made in England it is an excellent recording to get acquainted with, for others, the inspiration of the saxophonist and the collective improvisation in trio and quartet that unfolds engaging from start to finish.


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