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Ricky Edwards - Alto Sax, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Vocals. From Birmingham, via Peckham. Ricky has worked with many bands, in a range of styles. His current primary influence is El Camaron.

Jon Petter - Tenor sax, Clarinet, Percussions, Keyboards, Vocals. From Lumberville, USA, via Dalston. Having achieved a flat turn-out and perfected his battement tendues at Central School of Ballet (London), Jon found his true path in his music. His career has seen him working with Michelle Shocked, Talvin Singh, Pan Centre for Intercultural Arts, English National Opera, Akademi, Green Candle Dance Company, The Royal Opera House, Indian dance companies Imlata, Samudra and Sankalpam, Opera North, The Royal Ballet and Community Music. As a player, he is a long-standing member of the prolific Crispy Horns, currently to be found playing with The Love Grocer, BiPolar and Zion Train. Other regular live activities include The Drones (acoustic boundary-less folk), Klezmer Klub (East European Jewish dance music) and 12 Bar Club darlings Tinpots.

Will Embliss - Trumpet, Valve Trombone. From Bognor Regis, via Tottenham. Will started as a free improviser and toured with both Evan Parker and Will Menter. Subsequently, he played for six months with Casa African Rhythm in Senegal, worked as a performer/musician with Dogtroep (Amsterdam), Green Candle Dance Company and also, as musical director, with Welfare State International and Emergency Exit Arts. He is a founder member of the streetband Crocodile Style and Indian wedding band Bollywood Brass Band, whom he plays with often. He also designs tuned percussion instruments under the name Up-Beat, and he has designed instruments especially for Evelyn Glennie.

Philip Clouts - Piano, Keyboards. From Cape Town, South Africa, via Finsbury Park. Philip moved to England at an early age, but the South African influence on the music he writes for Zubop is deeply rooted. He has studied jazz at the Guildhall School of Music, toured with London Contempory Dance Theatre, and played with various London-based salsa bands. The Philip Clouts Trio performs regularly, and, with Chris Haigh, he has recently formed the Klezmer Jazz Quartet.

John Blackwell - Guitars. From Essex, via Hackney. John started playing in a pop/country covers band at age 14, subsequently moving on to a wide range of electric and acoustic guitar styles. He has studied with John Etheridge, Phil Lee and Dave Cliff, and played jazz in many contexts, including his own trio. Having previously worked with several Zubop members, John joined the band in 1997 after guesting on Hiptodisiac. Working increasingly on classical and steel string acoustic guitar (and a 5-string banjo has even been seen entering the premises), he played a prominent role on the latter in the band for the musical Floyd Collins, at the Bridewell Theatre in 1999. Recent activities include recording with 19 piece big band Forty Feet Forward, and playing at Festival due Jazz Nimes with Loz Speyer and appearing with Happy End.

Duncan Noble - Electric Basses. From Northumberland, via Hackney. Duncan has, in the past, played pop, rock, blues, soul and folk music, along with traditional mainstream and modern jazz. These days, he respects traditions but not rigid categories, and likes to do whatever feels best for the tune in hand. In recent years, he has played with Fantazia, with Juldeh Camara, the Afro Manding Troupe, Hassan Erraji's Arabesque and has formed the mainstay of Seddik Zebiri's Seeds of Creation, reknowned for their International Jam Night at the (now defunkt) Samuel Pepys in Hackney.

Sean Randle - Drums. From Bradford, via Sheffield and Stoke Newington. Sean's involvement in music is wide-ranging, and he enjoys mixing styles in Zubop, which he joined in 1992. He has toured extensively in the UK and abroad with bands such as Fantazia (North African grooves), Tinpots (acoustic pop) and Gail Thompson's Jazz International.

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