Artist: Janette Mason

Date of Release: 04/08/2014

Catalogue no: FMJP10004

Label: Fireball Records

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Track Listing







I Wish (Stevie Wonder) - Tatiana LadyMay Mayfield



Got To Be Real (Cheryl Lynn) - Vula Malinga



Lady Grinning Soul (David Bowie) - David McAlmont



How Deep Is You Love (The Bee Gees) - Claire Martin



Ashes To Ashes (This Is Not America) (David Bowie) - Instrumental



This House (Alison Moyet) - Gwyneth Herbert



Blue Moon (Rodgers and Hart) - Claire Martin



You Do Something To Me (Paul Weller) - Gwyneth Herbert



I Say A Little Prayer (Burt Bacharach) - Vula Malinga






featuring vocalists:
David McAlmont ē Claire Martin OBE ē Gwyneth Herbert ē
Vula Malinga ē Tatiana LadyMay Mayfield

" sparkling new arrangements of some favourite pop classics, with great performances from singers and musicians alike, a superb summer treat."
Helen Mayhew Jazz FM

DíRanged is the third studio album from the supremely talented pianist, arranger and composer, Janette Mason. A very definite departure from her previous two, critically acclaimed, albums, which took a clear jazz path, the concept behind DíRanged was to take classic soul, jazz and pop tunes and inject them with a brand new jazz-inflected sensibility. To this end, Janette assembled an outstanding group of singers and musicians, who may not normally cross paths, to record nine new arrangements of songs by David Bowie, Burt Bacharach, the Bee Gees, Alison Moyet, Rodgers and Hart and more.




01/08/2014 Peter Quinn

I was a huge fan of Janette Mason's first two releases Din and Tonic (2005) and Alien Left Hand (2009). Assembling a truly mouth-watering cast of vocalists, D'Ranged sees pianist, arranger and composer shift her focus from composing duties to reimagining nine songs by Bowie, Bacharach, The Bee Gees, Stevie Wonder and more. The album kicks off with a lapel-grabbing 'I Wish' by the great young Texan vocalists Tatiana LadyMayMayfield, a semi-finalist in the 2101 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition. Basement Jaxx vocalist, Vula Malinga, gives a magisterial performance of 'Got To Be Real' and 'I Say A Little Prayer', the latter also featuring a brilliant backing vocal arrangement.
ĎLady Grinning Soulí sees David McAlmont disappearing of the upper reaches of the treble clef. The album's one instrumental, a complete reworking of 'Ashes to Ashes', is a typically Masoneque confection. Gwyneth Hebert makes her brace of songs entirely her own, 'This House' reminding you of just how great this Alison Moyet song is, as well as unearthing hidden lyricism the rolling grooves of 'You Do Something To Me'. Mason pulls out all the arranging stops for 'How Deep Is Your Love' and 'Blue Moon', both receive breathtaking, unfailingly beautiful performances form Claire Martin.


31/07/2014 John Fordham

Janette Mason, the UK-based session pianist and composer, doesn't play as much jazz as the cognoscenti might like Ė and this almost entirely vocal set of classic R&B and soul hits keeps her fluent postbop chops even more modestly disguised. But for all her familiarity with the commercial mainstream, Mason can't do anything obvious or unhip, and these covers benefit from three key choices Ė hiring the superb singers Gwyneth Herbert, David McAlmont, Vula Malinga, Claire Martin and Texan newcomer Tatiana "LadyMay" Mayfield; picking a subtle, jazz-steeped session band; and writing arrangements that sympathetically reinvent the songs. Mayfield soars and swerves over slinky Motown horn hooks and Paul Booth's bluesy soul-sax on Stevie Wonder's I Wish, Bowie's Lady Grinning Soul gets an eerily irresistible treatment from McAlmont's contemporary-Nat-Cole sound, and Ashes to Ashes (This Is Not America) finds Mason in grippingly Bad Plus-like instrumental mode. Claire Martin steers a pristine Blue Moon through a quirkily displaced arrangement, and Gwyneth Herbert flags up what a sophisticated jazz-ballad artist she remains on This House, and You Do Something to Me. It's all beautifully produced, too.


30/06/2014 MIKE COLLINS

Janette Mason - DíRanged
(Fireball Records. FMJP 10004. CD review by Mike Collins)

As the rocket fuelled gospelly soul groove fades out, with the horn section still going full throttle and Basement Jaxx vocalist Vula Malinga gliding effortlessly over the top, I settle back into my chair to pen this review with a grin on my face. Janette Masonís arrangement of the Burt Bacharach classic I say a little prayer is a great end to this set, a series of arrangements of an eclectic mix of classic soul songs, 70ís disco and 80ís pop tunes. Theyíre all given a distinctive twist by arranger and pianist Mason, and performed by a stellar cast of collaborators from her wide ranging career: Claire Martin, Gwyneth Herbert, David McAlmont, Tatiana LadyMay Mayfield all contribute. They must have had great fun making this album. Sitting down at the launch party may not be an option.

After 2010ís Parliamentary Jazz Award nominated Alien Left Hand, a more overtly jazz orientated album, Díranged marks something of a departure for the leaderís own releases. There are varied moods within the collection with the spirit of the originals sustained whilst being reshaped in Masonís skilful hands. I wish bursts out of the speakers with a snappy left hand riff before Tatiana LadyMay Mayfield unfolds Stevie Wonderís lyric over a rolling groove that hints at a jazzy modal feel, before switching to a more gospel like 4/4 for the hook. Blue Moon gets a repeating, haunting motif under Claire Martinís wistful delivery that utterly transforms the Rodgers and Hammerstein standard, a standout track. Cheryl Lynnís 70ís disco classic Got to be Real becomes a sensual, funky soul work out for Vula Malinga whilst the treatment Paul Wellerís You do Something To Me for Gwyneth Herbert, accompanied only by Masonís piano is a haunting and affecting performance. Thereís an instrumental, a take on Bowieís Ashes to Ashes and the Bee Gees classic How Deep is your Love is a swooning ballad. After the dim the lights moments an infectious groove and a heart fluttering punchy backing vocal are never far away.

This is a set of covers, arranged (or "D'ranged") lovingly by Mason and oozing class in their delivery.
On Friday, June 20, 2014


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